Best ZoomInfo Alternative

ZoomInfo is a go-to-market intelligence solution for sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals. It is a software platform that helps organizations gather, analyze, and share business insight. A combination of a business database with technology fuels a go-to-market strategy from start to finish and provides an accurate, 360-degree view of customers, prospects, and opportunities.

The Best ZoomInfo Alternative

It is imperative that users have choices that can go above and beyond their expectations and bring more versatility to the customer database they are using for sales and marketing. Hence, we aim to introduce SMARTe, as possibly one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives to those users who want globally accurate contact data with more mobile numbers and affordable pricing.

Let’s get into further details in specific areas where SMARTe is a better alternative for ZoomInfo users.

ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo is priced the highest compared to other data platforms. ZoomInfo’s pricing starts at around $14k per year and requires a contract. Their pricing is not completely transparent and will auto-renew contracts.

SMARTe has a subscription starting at $12k thus providing more data at a justified price. Our pricing is transparent and sales users get access to unlimited downloads.

ZoomInfo Database Coverage

ZoomInfo approximately has 42 million+ contacts from North America and only 40% of them will have a mobile number to them. ZoomInfo has about 50 million+ contacts from APAC, EMEA, and LATAM but most of these contacts will not have phone numbers, let alone direct dials or mobile numbers. Contacts outside North America are not refreshed for years by ZoomInfo.

SMARTe has around 80 million+ contacts from North America and 70% of these contacts have mobile numbers. Mobile numbers and direct dials are important to increase your connect rates.
When it comes to global data, there is no better ZoomInfo alternative than SMARTe. We have 100 million+ contacts from APAC, EMEA, and LATAM across 70+ countries. 45-50% of these contacts come with a mobile number.

When it comes to having a globally accurate B2B contact database, SMARTe is the best ZoomInfo alternative you can have.

ZoomInfo Credits

ZoomInfo does not have an option that allows users unlimited downloads. Every contact you download is charged.

SMARTe allows unlimited free downloads for sales users, with no limit, no fee.

ZoomInfo Data Enrichment

ZoomInfo claims to have the most comprehensive email verification service in the B2B space but ZoomInfo’s match rate remains not up to the mark due to unprocessed raw data. They have no notifications for job changes. There have been cases where most of ZoomInfo’s data has been accounted to be outdated.

SMARTe’s data enrichment algorithms are built to provide the best match rate and highly accurate values aided by a combination of rules/AI competencies. We also provide job change updates for when a contact changes jobs and update it with the most recent information.

Why choose SMARTe as a ZoomInfo Alternative?

SMARTe is a B2B data platform used by sales and marketing teams that need high-quality global data. We help you with accurate and complete information to find, target, and reach your ICP. High-performing marketing teams use our insights to improve segmentation and customize content for campaigns to reach decision-makers and boost the pipeline. We compete with ZoomInfo and Clearbit and have successfully helped well-known market leaders like Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, and more to create more opportunities in their TAM.

SMARTe is the best ZoomInfo alternative ranking higher in terms of global coverage, mobile numbers, customer success, and most important- pricing. With SMARTe’s data platform you have access to 180M+ Lead Profiles, 19M+ Company Profiles, and 4M+ C-Level Profiles.

Don’t take our word for it, you can sign up for free and start prospecting right away or reach out to us for a Demo.

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