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Why Your Sales and Marketing Teams Deserve Better B2B Data in 2022

Your prospects, buyers, and competitors are going digital and moving faster than usual. LinkedIn did a survey that suggested that 81% of sales professionals are using video conferencing for their day-to-day activities. Face-to-face meetings are reducing with each passing day. Scheduling and conducting meetings with prospects are now different and faster than it ever was before. Sales and marketing professionals need to react fast using all the data that they can find about their target market, accounts, and prospects.

Why is sales and marketing data so important?

Now, data helps sales and marketing reps with decision-making. It helps them know their customers better, and that knowledge undoubtedly reflects well in sales and marketing performance and revenue. Your B2B sales and marketing data must be of high quality to extract useful insights that inspire timely actions.


B2B data can help sales reps identify their ideal customers who are most likely to want to buy their products or services. The ideal customers are also most likely to stay loyal and refer your brand to others. B2B data can help sales leaders discover these ideal customers. The data can include names, company name, job titles, company revenue, company size, email addresses, direct-dial mobile numbers, and much more.

Additionally, to reach out to these ideal customers through cold calling and cold emailing, SDRs will need data. They will need complete names of their prospects, job titles, business phone number, work email addresses, mobile numbers, and a lot more.

You would also want to measure how your team is performing. Sales data is invaluable for optimizing and shortening your sales cycles, aligning sales and marketing goals. It is important that SDRs track and measure data to fast track the sales process and win more of those valuable long-term customers.


Marketing data can help your teams know your customers better. If you have complete and detailed information about your existing customers and leads, you can provide them with the best customer experiences.

Personalization is important in marketing. Just using their names in the email will not help. Customers expect much more than that nowadays. Customers expect tailored communications which address their unique and specific challenges. They need you to understand them better and send tailored discount offers and vouchers at the right time. Data can help you focus your marketing efforts better. The more data you hold on each of your customers, the better their experience would be with your brand.

We can help

Adhering to a data-driven sales and marketing strategy can help you discover new markets, pinpoint high-quality accounts, and direct your lead generation and customer acquisition efforts accordingly. With a good understanding of your customers, you’ll know more about how to update your products and existing offerings to bring in more customers. Click here to know more about SMARTe can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

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