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The SMARTe Method to B2B Data Enrichment

In the dynamic B2B environment that we operate in, thousands of companies are competing to get noticed in front of their best prospects. Generating new leads is becoming more challenging by the day.  Technology, strategy, and an optimized database should be at the top of your list to increase conversions and foster beneficial customer relationships.

So, you possess customer data and lots of it. In B2B sales, every possible data point becomes important to close leads. But how can you extract the best value out of this data? How can you take the data you already possess and make the best use of it? How can you leverage data to improve customer experience, boost customer engagement, and reduce customer churn? These are precisely the challenges data enrichment can solve for you.

What is lead data enrichment and do you really need it?

Essentially, your CRM contains limited data on your prospects, i.e. name, job title, industry, company name, email address, and so on. But, just this information is not enough for you to personalize your communication. You need in-depth information about your customers to improve customer experience and let them know that you are aware of their day-to-day challenges and are equipped to solve them. Sales and marketing leaders usually leverage a trusted third-party source like SMARTe Data Platform to achieve their goals.

Why is lead data enrichment important?

With hundreds of tools available in the market today to gather customer data, you always have an abundance of data. However, these tools don’t necessarily gather the most accurate information. Businesses have started to understand the importance of data quality and accuracy to avoid chasing the wrong prospects.

This is where data enrichment shines. Data enrichment can improve the quality and accuracy of information gathered to deliver more accurate and actionable results. For example, let’s say a website visitor enters a name and email address, and you badly need their phone number, lead data enrichment can do that for you. Here’s a list of reasons why we think data enrichment should be an integral part of your sales and marketing strategies.

Dirty data is expensive

Did you know that the cost of inaccurate and outdated data is huge? Reports suggest that every time your sales rep calls an incorrect contact, it costs you about $11. This way, companies end up wasting a substantial amount of money and losing tremendous opportunities that could possibly have been worth millions of dollars. Without data, you risk cutting into your profits.

Foster meaningful customer relationships

It is annoying for your prospects when they receive an email that starts off with “Dear customer”? We can assure you nobody would like to read any further. Audiences today expect you to address their unique challenges right off the bat. They expect you to know how to solve their specific problems. They need to know that you understand them as a professional and as a person. With relevant information about your prospects, all of this is possible and easy.

Improve efficiency

It could get demotivating for your sales reps when they work with inaccurate and incomplete data. When they have all the data necessary at their disposal, you’ll observe that your team is focused and more efficient than ever before. Data enrichment can provide customer and company data at scale, offering your sales and marketing teams the ability to draw relevant and actionable insights to focus on activities that generate value for your business – like selling!

Save valuable selling time

B2B and B2C sales teams are sometimes given the added responsibility of gathering customer data at scale. This leads to massive wastage of valuable time that they could have used performing revenue-generating activities. Sales intelligence tools like SMARTe Data Platform can keep your data fresh and enriched with additional data points that you would love to know about your prospects.

How Can SMARTe Help Sales?

SMARTe Data Platform enriches your CRM and MAP lead data with accurate and verified business email addresses of your prospects. Our email addresses are human-verified and our phone numbers have 70% coverage in North America and 50% coverage in EMEA and APAC across 70 countries.

Here’s a detailed comparison with our top competitors

Industry-leading match rates

SMARTe’s growing database covers 200+ countries, 181M contacts, and 20M companies. Our proprietary tools sort through millions of records, match and provide you with in-depth information about your prospects. We use a combination of language translation, nick-name match, diacritic translations, and fuzzy-match algorithms.

Power your internal tools with SMARTe APIs

Enrich your existing CRM and MAP data using our advanced APIs and connectors. Enrich, filter, and route inbound leads generated from web forms, webinars, syndication, events, and trade shows. With rich and updated B2B data, you can qualify leads on the go and hand over only the best leads to your sales team in no time.

Take your email marketing game to a whole new level

Ensure you always have the most accurate, highest quality, and verified email addresses for your email marketing campaigns. Your emails will be targeted, personalized, and effective, leading to better conversions. We have the best email coverage even for multi-part name geographies like Portugal and LATAM.

Our data is refreshed every 90 days

SMARTe’s growing database is refreshed automatically every 90 days. We refresh our records, update mobile numbers, and work email addresses, and fill up gaps in data, so that your teams are always working with fresh and updated business data.

Enrich any platform with SMARTe’s B2B data

We offer native integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and many other platforms. You’ll always have complete and detailed contact and company intelligence saving your sales and marketing reps hours of research time. The integrations are pre-packaged and out-of-the-box to help you get started quickly and easily.

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