About Tech Install Base

Tech Install base provides you categorized intelligence with insights of your competitors, Product/Service Categories, Partner Install-base and Service/Product Line Users; along with technology landscape of named accounts, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies, etc.; thus giving you an insight into your competitors’ customers and companies similar to them.

Discover technology infrastructure landscape with business enterprise

  • Actionable new data includes direct or indirect competitors, partners/alliances, technology (product/services) which are complementary or supplementary, technology landscape of named accounts, along with, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies
  • Share your exploration criteria (Competitor Names, Geos, Company Size & Type, Industries, etc.) We find and deliver that intelligence
  • Technology landscape of named accounts within specific market segments, geographies etc
  • Go beyond the regular tech insights by providing contact-level insights as an add-on that helps B2B companies to streamline their lead cycle
  • We have built custom segments of the Competitive Landscape with decision makers that are most important to your business

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Track competition intelligently, gather Tech Install base

  • Target prospective Competitive install base intelligence landscape or entire market categories based on installed technologies with various attributes
  • Tech Install has global database covering businesses belonging to different verticals from varied industries
  • Clean and actionable new database with our years of domain expertise and human curated process updated regularly
  • Competitive Landscape criteria include multiple technologies, services, and platforms with business size, location, industry and other similar parameters
  • Know your customers /competitors technology environment to the highest level, which accelerates in generating good ROI; with a data driven approach for the client!

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