Customer Churn Explained: How to Use Data to Keep Your Customers from Leaving?

Customer Churn Explained: How to Use Data to Keep Your Customers from Leaving? Can you name a single business that has never lost a customer? Whenever customers are unhappy, whatever the reason it may be, they leave. It’s that simple.

The Ultimate Guide to Executing an Effective Data-Driven Sales Strategy

Lack of a proper roadmap to engage prospects and generate leads makes it impossible to understand what turns these prospects into actual paying customers. For most sales teams, the biggest hurdle in implementing a sales funnel is data management.

About GDPR: Penalties, Assumptions and How to Sell Without breaking the law using GDPR Compliant Data

GDPR was EU’s most path-breaking privacy update in over two decades. Yet, over 57% of B2B sales professionals are not aware of what GDPR is.

Sales strategies to drive your sales efficiency

Today, practically all companies are struggling with sales productivity. The problem has aggravated by the rising pressure to meet or exceed growing revenue targets. Organizations are growing their sales teams and pursuing more aggressive sales goals.......

Executing an Effective Data-Driven Sales Strategy

The traditional sales funnel is a stage-based approach to convert prospects into customers. Implementing a sales funnel can help sales leaders understand their sales cycle better. it also helps sales leaders make quick and better decisions on how to go

4 Tips to Deliver Impactful Email Campaigns That Are Truly Data-driven

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-efficient forms of marketing. It delivers the highest ROI when compared to the rest. But, email marketing has never been easy, right? You churn out potential customers’ email addresses with data sourced from the internet and from


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