SMARTe v/s Lusha

Seeking a Lusha alternative?
SMARTe offers an effective B2B data platform for high-performing sales and marketing professionals.

Lusha was founded by Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserruya in 2016. With Lusha, sales professionals can identify, engage and close prospects using Lusha’s prospecting platform, web extension and API.

On the other hand, SMARTe provides a data platform for both prospect discovery and data enrichment. We have a coverage of over 181 million contact data and while we provide access to 71 million contacts in the United States, we also have an impressive coverage of global data – 48 million contacts in EMEA, 29 million contacts in APAC, and 15 million contacts in LATAM. Our direct dials and mobile numbers have 70% coverage in North America and 50% coverage in EMEA/APAC across 70 countries.

Which of these platforms is better for your business? If you are seeking a Lusha alternative, what are the points that you should consider to choose the best solution for your business? Listed below is a head-on comparison of key USPs of both Lusha and SMARTe.

100% Accurate and Customized Data with Mobile Numbers and Direct Dials

Lusha has an impressive coverage of 15 million companies, 36 million C-level profiles, 100 million business profiles. But SMARTe is the only data provider offering SLA guaranteed 100% accurate contact data. We provide you with access to prospect databases customized according to your specific project requirements based on unique personas, industries, titles, and more. This kind of customization offers easy execution of ABM campaigns that require precise targeting. SMARTe’s contact data consists of over 181 million contacts and 32 million decision-makers of 20 million companies along with mobile numbers and direct dials. If this isn’t effective sales intelligence, then what is?


Mobile number coverage

Lusha provides search filters to pull up thousands of verified emails, work numbers, and direct dials on your prospects in seconds. But Lusha users have reported a lot of instances where non-work phone numbers and email addresses were provided. SMARTe data platform’s mobile numbers have delivered impressive results with an unbeatable coverage of 70% of decision-makers in North America and 50% of decision-makers in EMEA and APAC combined. We offer unlimited reveals for mobile numbers empowering your sales reps to directly connect with as many decision-makers as possible.


Industry-best match rates

SMARTe’s growing database covers 200+ countries, 181 million contacts, and 20 million companies. Our proprietary tools sort through millions of records, match, and provide you with in-depth information about your prospects. We use a combination of language translation, nick-name match, diacritic translations, and fuzzy-match algorithms. Lusha has limited matching capabilities due to heavy presence of non-work email addresses. Match rate heavily depends on your input data and we would encourage you to run a feasibility among both vendors and see it for yourself.                

Last mile for data

Data processed by technology identified the pattern of the data and creates other patterns based on it. This lacks verification and there could be significant gaps in data quality. Our research analysts at SMARTe go through every data record, correct for mistakes, and verify the data for accuracy. This additional layer of verification can promise SLA-guaranteed 100% accuracy to empower your sales teams.

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