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SMARTe Inc : A Cost-effective ZoomInfo Alternative

About ZoomInfo

Originally founded as DiscoverOrg in 2007, by Henry Schuck and Kirk Brown, ZoomInfo claims to be the “New Standard in Business Intelligence”.  While no data provider can offer “the perfect B2B database”, ZoomInfo certainly has an impressive coverage.  ZoomInfo’s platform covers 120 million email address and 60 million direct dials.

About SMARTe inc

Founded by Sanjay Gala, SMARTe, serves the data needs of 300+ customers in 150 industries across 200+ countries. We have a coverage of over 181 million contact data and while we provide access to 71 million contacts in the United States, we also have an impressive coverage of global data – 48 million contacts in EMEA, 29 million contacts in APAC, and 15 million contacts in LATAM. Our direct dials and mobile numbers have 70% coverage in North America and 50% coverage in EMEA/APAC across 70 countries.

Access To Decision Makers With Verified Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses

ZoomInfo has often fallen short of providing direct dials as many times users have experienced outdated direct numbers. SMARTe’s contact data consists of verified mobile numbers and email addresses with superior deliverability of 32 million decision-makers from 181 million contacts across 10 million companies. If this isn’t effective sales intelligence, then what is?

Comprehensive Global Data - APAC, EMEA, LATAM & North America

ZoomInfo’s platform covers over 60 million email addresses and 40 million direct dials in the United States. However, globally, those figures only increase to 120 million business emails and 60 million direct dials. This does make ZoomInfo a very attractive option for B2B sales and marketing, but it also hints at a few shortcomings when it comes to global data coverage. Leverage decades of experience of delivering global data across APAC, EMEA, North America and LATAM, our analysts and proprietary tools have what it takes to handle multi-lingual titles, aliases, and variations.

High Quality Business Intelligence at Unbeatable Prices

ZoomInfo is not very transparent about its pricing. While ZoomInfo’s pricing starts at a hefty USD 35,000 for its most basic plan, SMARTe’s per user pricing ranges from USD 30 to USD 80 per month. We also offer marketing bulk downloads from USD 0.14 to USD 0.50 per credit. ZoomInfo customers also often complain about sudden and unexplained surges in pricing. Many customers are already switching to other ZoomInfo alternatives because they did not want to pay a hefty premium.

Setting New Standards in B2B Data

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Comprehensive, accurate, and compliant global data

Unlock global data on companies and contacts across North America, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

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