Bespoke Contacts

Dear All,

Today, I address this as a citizen of humanity. COVID-19 is causing calamities and catastrophic environment to millions of families, customers, employees, partners across the global world.
We are faced with a grave challenge that threatens the very existence of our day-to-day life. Today COVID19 has affected our health, wealth and social life to become a global phenomenon, that is amongst the most unique of its kind that we have ever seen in our lifetime. My heart goes out to all those who have been impacted by this outbreak and I wish a speedy recovery to all the survivors. I am truly inspired by everyone who is associated with helping in this crisis especially the frontline doctors, nurses or any medical or healthcare staff as well as the non-medical support staff who are facing this challenge globally.
I firmly stand by all my SMARTe Inc employees, our customers and data partners amidst this crisis.
Ever since, we had confirmed news of the massive scale of this virus, SMARTe’s technology, product and support teams have been working 24/7 to ensure that there are no disruptions to any data delivery that powers millions of marketers and sales development folks across the world.
Our health teams sanitized the entire office floor, desks, rest rooms, cafeteria and meeting rooms with the best graded disinfectants and we ensured all group meetings are carried out with maximum social distancing in place. All our 250+ employees have been assigned a work-from-home starting March 18th to ensure that they stay in good health and also take care of their families. I am ensuring that all our employees are adhering to the local laws and staying safe and healthy. I am thankful for tremendous co-operation from our customers, partners, entire management team and last but not the least all SMARTe employees for their commitment to SMARTe’s business continuity despite inadequate infrastructure /environment for some.
All our products – Bespoke Contacts, Relevant Contacts, InfoGenie, DataGenie and ConsentGenie are live and supported by the most robust infrastructure which is well monitored remotely.
We have established a 24/7 helpline to keep the lights on for our employees for any incoming tickets or faults to promote efficient work from home. Thankfully, we have not reported any downtime or faults in the past one week, thus, showcasing our team’s resilience to fight off any challenge!

I am available for any support or help if required by any of our employees, customers or partners at
For any queries, you can also reach out to us on
I extend by solidarity to everyone affected by COVID-19 and I hope life comes back on track very soon!
Stay Safe and Healthy!

Thanks and Regards
Sanjay Gala
CEO & Founder, SMARTe Inc.