About Sales

SMARTe helps in delivering actionable data intelligence by giving you the complete information of your leads, hot prospects and clients. Our Sales Intelligence solution explores and segments the markets for you, identifies companies and decision makers that may have immediate needs of your products and services.

  • Improve your sales productivity with highly accurate data of key decision makers and stakeholders
  • Identify right opportunities with predictive sales intelligence
  • A highly targeted B2B prospect pool is generated for account based marketing reflecting your immediate sales efforts

Improve conversions with Prospects, to customers by data intelligence

  • We brainstorm with you to define the criteria for Ideal Prospects Scoring and Grading weightages
  • We enrich existing sales prospects and source new data if required as per your criteria specified enabling you to focus only on up-to-date contacts for lead generation efforts.
  • A hyper-persona segmentation, helps refreshing your existing clientele information which can help you in concentrating on better account planning and deal closures.
  • We run the target companies through SMARTe’s statistical model to match for sales triggers, relevancy and business context
  • We utilize our next generation 'Focused Web Crawling Technologies' to compile relevant trigger event information around the globe
  • Our unique prospect prioritization algorithm combines predefined weightage with the quantitative insights gleaned from various sources to score target prospects
  • The compiled B2B data is then put through multi-level validation like web research, telephone research, etc. to consolidate most accurate information on prospects; delivering 100% SLA guaranteed accurate B2B contact database that helps you to achieve 10 folds ROI.

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We help you scale business with clean, intelligent and actionable data

  • We help you identify your most profitable customers for faster conversion cycle
  • Improve sales efficiency by connecting with key decision makers using intelligence and clean data
  • We provide advanced analytics to identify immediate business opportunities
  • Build robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data
  • Our 250+ expert team of subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data
  • Complete know-how about target market - insight to what's happening in your target account like new investments, mergers or any trigger event that might create a sales opportunity for you
  • Highly accurate global data

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