5 Reasons Why Your Sales Strategies Are Failing

Ever wondered why your sales team is struggling? Sure, finding new leads and converting them is difficult, but is there an issue with the demographics, firmographics, the client or is it the team member who is unprepared? Whatever is the issue, if your sales team is not firing, you have a problem.

A research by McKinsey & Company on Big Data, Analytics and The Future of Marketing and Sales shows that companies that have incorporated a data-driven strategy into their process are 5-6% more profitable than their competitors. Assuming that you have a seasoned sales team with the right attitude and a good leader, here are 5 common reasons why your sales results are not as impressive as you want them to be.

#1 Too much time spent on manual account research

If you’re selling to accounts, also referred to as Account-Based Marketing, research is extremely important at this stage. Sales teams end up doing this research manually by cold calling, which is an extremely ineffective way to create a database. Cold calling actually costs much more than other smarter methods like email marketing and social selling.

#2 Database generated is too sparse to create a measurable pipeline

Sales is a process and no more can teams rely on intuition to be successful. You don’t have to search too hard to find countless opinions on the power of data. There are plenty of examples in the world of sales where data has delivered better quality of leads and higher conversion rate.

SMARTe’s Discover helps you build accurate, actionable high quality, hyper-targeted prospect lists to enable sales and marketing teams with precise information and insights they need to identify their prospects, connect with target audience, increase engagement and optimize conversion.  Click here for a quick demo.

#3 Quality of leads generated is bad

There are many factors that will make a lead less attractive to get in touch with. You might have followed up with the lead on an offer, but once you made contact, it became clear that the solution they need is not what you offer. Or perhaps their budget is too less, or they aren’t the right person to make the final decision on a purchase. Or maybe they’re taking too long to reach a final decision, or they’re asking too many of the wrong questions.

With the help of SMARTe’s global database of 181 million contacts, SMARTe Consent can help you generate warm leads who are genuinely interested in your offering. Reach us to know how.

#4 Data keeps changing

Tech stacks change, products change, portfolios change and people change too. It is difficult to manually keep track of every big and small change that happen within your prospects’ environment. In such a scenario, it becomes impossible to maintain accuracy in data.

SMARTe Enrich scrutinizes CRM data quality with detailed visualization of your data which enables you to identify problem areas and keeps you ahead of stale data. The real-time enrichment provides you with clean and more reliable enriched data for sales and marketing to generate better ROI and drive revenue.

#5 Lack of actionable sales intelligence in CRM

If you had a sales technology intelligence tool operating seamlessly with your CRMs, your sales reps would spend more productive time within your CRM leading to a measurable improvement in the quality of leads generated and improved sales.

SMARTe Discover and SMARTe Enrich are now completely integrated with Salesforce CRM and is available as a part of the Salesforce Ecosystem. Data is available within CRM via panels on lead, contact, account pages and can update the record on a single click.

Our range of solutions can provide your teams with sales and marketing intelligence data to connect with your prospective buyers effectively. Connect with us to get a free audit and know how SMARTe can help you realize your sales goals.

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