Sales Data Enrichment

Sales enablement has become an important activity of every sales organization. Data Management has enabled organizations to get data from various sources due to which there is constant flow of insightful data. This creates lot of information to consume for sales teams and with missing and incorrect information of contacts, impacts their business pipeline and ultimately their productivity.

Traditional way of doing sales has changed because of the introduction of sales technology. Sales intelligence, Market intelligence, Intent data, Predictive data etc. It’s imperative to notice that all these activities are driven by DATA.  Hence, accurate data is the key for all the Sales Enablement teams which is refreshed at regular intervals along with real time enrichment and is actionable for them to be agile in the competitive business space.

SMARTe gets you the most accurate sales data with a comprehensive view of your contact database for your Sales Enablement strategies. With our tool, sales leaders can understand the health of their data and continuously improve the data efficiency.

We enable the sales teams by accelerating the pipeline growth and improve the conversion ratio of leads – opportunities – closure by providing them with accurate information on emails, phone numbers, , Company Type  (Global HQ/Domestic HQ/Subsidiary), Company Status (Acquired/Merged/Shutdown/ Bankrupt/Duplicate) and much more.

  • We align with your ABM strategy to get you the right target account list
  • We enrich sales leads for those who need to nurture across multiple channels, including social media
  • We help you in segmenting your target universe by standardizing your database with proper level/functions structure
  • We help reduce your time wasting on calling incorrect and duplicate data
  • Enrichment of contact level information to identify and engage relevant buyers with your target accounts
  • We help improve the efficiency by reducing the operations and processing cost and improve the existing resources with intelligence and actionable data


SMARTe has two distinct products Bespoke Contacts & Relevant Contacts for Data-as-a-service platform.

Bespoke Contacts provides you with the best quality, custom-built contact data intelligence, managed through a single portal, that helps you collaborate, automate, transactional and analytical activities all in one place.

Relevant Contacts fueled with Data Science, wherein next-gen marketers’ can search by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria.