Sales Data Acceleration

Studies suggest that 31% of sales reps' time is spent on sourcing, identifying and updating their accounts and contacts, and 27% on reporting, administrative, and CRM-related tasks. Only one-third of their day is actually spent selling.

According to Sirius Decisions, research shows that 25 to 33 % of the contact database goes stale every 12 months, so any contacts who haven’t raised their hands in three years almost certainly have changed in some aspect.

To improve productivity and increase personalized engagement across various channels within an account, B2B selling has to leverage technology and data.

SMARTe offers you the most accurate sales data with a comprehensive view of your leads and contacts database for your Sales Enablement strategy. With our Bespoke Contacts and Relevant Contacts solutions, sales professionals can target a specific collection of data records or key accounts for your ABM campaigns and lead generation records.

We assist clients on their data challenges like – Sales Data Processing, Gaps in Account data, Data inaccuracies and more. We also provide a real-time data health and enrichment of their CRM to make sales teams more efficient.


We enable the sales teams by accelerating the pipeline growth and improve the conversion ratio of leads – opportunities – closure by providing them with accurate information on

  • Lead record information
  • Verified Emails
  • Highly accurate Phone Numbers
  • Company Type (Global HQ/Domestic HQ/Subsidiary)
  • Company Status (Acquired/Merged/Shutdown/Bankrupt/Duplicate)
  • Technology insight on your competitors/customers
  • Financial year end/Turnover/Number of Employees
  • Industry information
  • Who are the Recommenders/ Influencers /Decision Makers?

Succeed with SMARTe DaaS platform for Sales Professionals

ABM Strategy

Align your ABM strategy to get the right target account list

Sales leads enrichment

Enrich sales leads to nurture across multiple channels, including social media


Segment your target universe by standardizing your database with proper level/functions structure


Identify your Ideal Target Prospect Personas for your focused campaigns

sales ready data

We provide 100% SLA guaranteed phone verified and email deliverable sales ready data

Real time CRM enrichment


Real time CRM enrichment and normalization for all the leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities in real time with data health visualization.

SMARTe is committed to providing high quality, accurate and intelligent data via Bespoke Contacts and Relevant Contacts so you always have an efficient sales ready data. We help you build every interaction and every experience that you share with those key accounts now has more value.