Relevant Contacts


Relevant Contacts is a high quality B2B prospect global data delivery platform fueled by data science. Highly accurate and enriched data in real time, helps to get more qualified leads, increased engagement, and optimized conversion. We apply our own 1000+ data process rules to build a robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data. We have built data modeling methods on unique cloud based platform wherein marketers’ can search and download by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria.

Real Time Data Enrichment

Get smarter with industry’s highly accurate intelligent data

  • Real time enrichment – data is refreshed regularly based on the country and region- enabling real time enriched data
  • Granular level industry targeting – rich set of industry tree where users can drill down to multiple industry segments to know details of your key accounts data
  • Functional Hierarchy – In depth level / function tree structure, along with keyword search option for target accounts
  • Competition & partner install base – stay ahead of the market with our real time competitor/partner tech install base insights
  • Extended company classification – exact taxonomy match in order to deliver highest quality global data
  • Data know-how – language & special character translation, nick-name match, company match fuzzy logic and clear segmentation of global parent, subsidiary, branch etc.,

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Get highly accurate B2B data to stay up –to- date all time

  • 140+ rich industries set going beyond the industry-wide flat structure for qualified prospects data
  • Huge master best fit prospect database with exact match taxonomy for normalized company names including HQs and other global offices
  • In-built 1000+ data process proprietary rules and business logic providing highly accurate emails for marketing data
  • Increase your company and customer data outreach by enriching 85+ fields information on go

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Accurate B2B lead data

Job Role Function Hierarchy

We provides a strong Job Role/Function tree structure, along with an option to search by keyword. This ultimately allows the user to access a pool of diverse job titles which can help their campaigns strategies.