Relevant Contacts Solutions

Global Contact Discovery

We know every organization has a unique target market and hence we partner with you to define requirement that fits your specific business goals.

We identify, compile and validate the right data from your target audience as per your given criteria. Our data science rules leverage decades of domain expertise with various data process for good match rate, email deliverability and intelligent insights. We have 250+ research analysts who understands each customer’s business needs and then perform detailed research to come up with better data strategies.

Data Enrich

Relevant Contact data enrich enhances and cleanse your database to have validated and accurate data. We can scrub, append and enrich your contact database identifying right contacts in your target audience universe. Refreshed list can help you generate better ROI.

Our enrichment services expand your customer knowledge, allowing you to identify new market opportunities and channel your marketing approach more effectively.

Tech Install Base

Relevant Contact install-base provides insights of competitive install-base scenarios which includes direct or indirect competitors, partners/alliances, technology (product/services) which are complementary or supplementary, technology landscape of named accounts, along with, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies