Relevant Contacts Differentiators

The Concept

Relevant Contacts is a cloud based platform with 110 million global contacts. It has high accurate data with enhanced match rate. You can search and download by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria. It will help you reduce email bounce rate and improve hyper segmentation to drive a successful marketing campaigns

  • Target Markets through Niche Industries
  • Better Match Rate via 1000+ Data/Process Rules
  • Identify Total Addressable Market(TAM)
  • Rich Set of Company Alias List/ Fuzzy Logic/ Language Translations
  • Hyper Persona segmentation
  • Intuitive & user friendly Enterprise DaaS platform
  • Dictionaries/ Taxonomy/ Data Rules
  • Premium PSO with improved match and discovery rate


Industry at granular level

We provide rich set of industries which goes beyond standard flat structure of 140+ industries. We provide discovery of primary and secondary industry segmentation including niche industries like petroleum or medical equipment

Real Time Refresh

We provide real-time enriched data which is refreshed at regular intervals based on the country and region. It enables customers to generate better ROI in their campaigns

Function Hierarchy

Most products in the market, tend to make the users do their own research to derive title variations of their ideal persona, while level / function granularity and sub functions are missing. We provide a strong Level/Function tree structure, along with an option to search by keyword. This ultimately allows the user to access a pool of diverse job titles which can help their campaigns strategies.

Diversified Company taxonomy

We provide you complete user level information with their headquarters or branch level contact/company details for your targeted marketing campaigns

Best match rate

With a combination of language translation, nick-name match, special characters’ translations, company match fuzzy logic and clear segmentation of global parent, subsidiary, branch etc., we are able to deliver higher data match rate

Relevancy Scoring

Our hyper persona segmentation enables to keep your existing customer’s information updated with relevant data