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SMARTe Inc. launches DataGenie to provide real-time data health check and enrichment

San Jose – June 1st 2018

SMARTe Inc. expands its “Data as a Service” platform by announcing the launch of DataGenie – A real-time data visualization and enrichment platform. DataGenie will provide real-time analysis and insight to your existing CRM/MAP data abnormalities and recommendations to make informed decisions and to further augment data to boost significant ROI.

“For many organizations, the first step in their data management journey is to identify real-time data health and classification of their information. However, knowing data health alone is not enough to fully address the bad data for either ABM campaigns or any other marketing activity”, stated Sanjay Gala, Founder & CEO at SMARTe. “By integrating with CRM and marketing automation platform, organizations can now streamline the health of their database by endlessly standardizing, normalizing, refreshing and enriching data with real-time DaaS platform” he added.

“We tested the Use-Case of DataGenie by showcasing this LIVE to over 100 CMO’s and Marketing and Sales Operations Decision Makers at a recent tradeshow and it was an instant hit” said Parul Gala, VP, Products at SMARTe. “We are happy that our product was well accepted, it will make life much easier for all marketers who have a blind eye on their Data Abnormalities”, she said.

Data Genie’s key features include

  • Insight into your CRM/MAP Data Anomalies
  • Duplication, Normalization and Standardization
  • Total Addressable Market & Whitespace Analysis
  • Real-time Data Enrichment
  • Fuzzy Algorithm Enhanced Matching
  • Integrated Experience of Data Refresh
  • Actionable Intelligence with Advanced Visualizations


About SMARTe

We work as a true agile Data-as-a-Service partner to provide ‘high quality global contact data’ fueled by data science. We accelerate the buyer journey using Artificial Intelligence and NLP technologies in combination with decades of domain expertise delivering highly relevant and most accurate prospect data.

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Aditya Chakravarthi
Global Head of Marketing

Ajit Desai
Product Marketing