About InfoGenie

Discover direct access to decision makers to empower your sales and marketing professionals. InfoGenie helps you build accurate, actionable high quality, hyper-targeted prospect lists to enable sales and marketing teams with precise information and insights they need to identify their prospects, connect with target audience, increase engagement and optimize conversion.  A single platform to craft for marketing campaigns and sales outreach.

Fill in gaps and provide seamless data delivery to Salesforce CRM with the ability to provide fresh, accurate and global contact data in real-time. Click here to know more.

CRM Data Health

Target your look like ideal customers

  • 360o prospect intelligence -Discover your potential buyer by generating new qualified leads with accurate and actionable data
  • Powerful list build capabilities - Build your targeted list of contacts with powerful search and dynamic list building capabilities
  • Seamless data delivery to CRM - Salesforce to identify new contacts from target accounts. Real-time update of your CRM company and contact data, through the panels and get the contact intelligence on your target prospects — without ever leaving Salesforce
  • Contact and Company Search for granular segmentation – Multiple search criteria triggering various company and contact information within the same CRM screen
  • Technology Install base for each company – Categorized technographic intelligence with insights of your competitor’s product/service categories
  • Duplication, Normalization & Standardization – Enrich the missing fields such as level & function with our 34M job title master. It also finds duplicates within leads

Best prospecting data intelligence

  • Data coverage of 110M global decision makers which helps you develop your ideal customer profile
  • Connect directly with decision makers of all the contacts and key accounts to close the deals faster
  • Make informed conversations so that your sales team can focus on doing best is sales and increase their productivity
  • Create marketing strategies to engage targeted leads with a clean, updated and standardized data
  • Build a strong sales pipeline to fuel your funnel with accurate and comprehensive person and company profiles
  • Get your TAM with clean, accurate and refreshed database to keep you moving ahead with a single click
CRM Data Cleansing

What is InfoGenie

360o prospect intelligence -Discover your potential buyer by generating new qualified leads with accurate and actionable data