Best Data Platform for Sales Reps and Marketers in HR Services

Every business needs an HR department. Sales reps and marketers in every human resources and staffing services company are struggling to find out ways to reach their top prospects, market their solutions, and close deals quickly. Without access to useful business data and intelligence, it is slowly turning into an impossible task.
How Can We Help You ?


Understand your prospect’s goals and challenges, and who are they’re likely to engage with. We offer granular-level customer segmentation which allows you to search by levels, functions, titles, and locations. You now conduct contact and company searches on the go. Quickly search for company and contact profiles, business insights, and call your prospects directly using updated mobile numbers.


Our mobile numbers have delivered impressive results with an unbeatable coverage of 70% of decision-makers in North America and 50% of decision-makers in EMEA and APAC combined. We offer unlimited reveals for mobile numbers empowering your sales reps to directly connect with as many decision-makers as possible. We use our proprietary AI-powered technology to ensure our mobile numbers maintain the highest levels of accuracy.


Get access to technographic intelligence to empower your marketing teams. Get information on accounts that use your competitor’s products to reach out to the right buyers. Uncover competitive and co-opetitive insights of over 6000 technologies to target relevant prospects with effective campaigns.


Use SMARTe’s data and Salesforce together to make your teams smarter and effective at closing more deals. The integration makes it possible to quickly send records from SMARTe’s massive data pool of millions of contacts and companies to create Salesforce leads, contacts, and accounts as and when needed.

We’re Global

With over a decade of human-verified research expertise, SMARTe can create 100% accurate contact and company profiles by harnessing our extensive background in cleansing, verifying and maintaining data powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Heuristics. Since we have a vast experience of dealing with global data across APAC, EMEA, North America and LATAM, our analysts and proprietary tools have what it takes to handle multi-lingual titles, aliases, variation and other aspects.


Data Coverage
Verified Email Addresses and Direct Dials

SMARTe’s data platforms provide detailed intelligence and comprehensive profiles of the most important decision makers and organizations worldwide. These profiles include business intelligence about levels, functions, technologies installed, purchase intent and over 85 additional data points. Our verified email addresses and direct dial phone numbers are highly accurate and SLA guaranteed.


Technology-Enabled and Human-Verified Data

Our data is gathered by our team of 250+ research analysts who give you a 360-degree view of all your prospects. This data is gathered though our combination of proprietary technologies and human intelligence. No other data vendor in the market has such extensive experience of cleaning, verifying and enriching data to produce the most accurate and actionable data available.