Growing Importance of Sales and Marketing Intelligence in BFSI

Businesses in the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance industries are always facing challenges with advancement in technology. With their prospects and customers embracing new modes of communication and access technologies, businesses in the BFSI segment are always looking for technology partners who can help them meet these challenges. The BFSI industry has shown tremendous growth in terms of adapting new marketing strategies.


How Can We Help You ?

Boost Your Sales Pipeline
If you want to crack those large B2B enterprise accounts, the stakes are high and you need access to accurate business intelligence. Define your ideal customer profile with firmographics and always be sure to find the right decision makers from over 120 million contacts to build accurate, actionable and high-quality target lists to engage with their prospects.

Establish a Customer-Centric Business Model
You can segment your prospects and communicate with them on the channels they prefer. You can anticipate your customer’s needs and engage with them at the right time throughout their financial journey.

Personalize Customer Relationships
With accurate data, you get a 360-degree view of each customer. This enables you to deliver personalized messaging that not only exceeds their expectations, but also locks in a lifetime of trust. You can look up rich customer profiles to identify new opportunities to convert leads.

Make Your Marketing Efforts Worthwhile
With useful customer data, marketing teams can discover new engagement opportunities and deliver insightful and personalized marketing journeys for every banking customer.

Increase Productivity
We provide your sales reps the opportunity to fetch mobile numbers of prospects at real time within your CRM with 70% coverage in North American and 50% coverage in EMEA/APAC. By minimizing the time spent on administrative and research tasks, you can handle more accounts in less time.

We’re Global

With over a decade of human-verified research expertise, SMARTe can create 100% accurate contact and company profiles by harnessing our extensive background in cleansing, verifying and maintaining data powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Heuristics. Since we have a vast experience of dealing with global data across APAC, EMEA, North America and LATAM, our analysts and proprietary tools have what it takes to handle multi-lingual titles, aliases, variation and other aspects.


Data Coverage
Verified Email Addresses and Direct Dials

SMARTe’s data platforms provide detailed intelligence and comprehensive profiles of the most important decision makers and organizations worldwide. These profiles include business intelligence about levels, functions, technologies installed, purchase intent and over 85 additional data points. Our verified email addresses and direct dial phone numbers are highly accurate and SLA guaranteed.


Technology-Enabled and Human-Verified Data

Our data is gathered by our team of 250+ research analysts who give you a 360-degree view of all your prospects. This data is gathered though our combination of proprietary technologies and human intelligence. No other data vendor in the market has such extensive experience of cleaning, verifying and enriching data to produce the most accurate and actionable data available.