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SMARTe’s data platforms provide detailed B2B intelligence and comprehensive profiles of the most important decision-makers and accounts catering to a myriad of industries worldwide.

Industries We Serve

In the face of increased competition, build strategies that facilitate consistent retention, upsell and cross-sell of your new products, features and services.
A dramatic shift has taken place from a more traditional sales and marketing approach to a data oriented one – and it has many manufacturers scrambling to catch up.
Connecting with the right decision-makers about an important issue, goal or challenge can have a dramatic impact on the success of any company providing industrial automation services.

An effective marketing strategy plays an important role in helping healthcare and health technology professionals to create, communicate, and provide value to their target market.

The way companies offering telecommunication services approach sales and marketing is evolving and it is critical to leverage strategies that produce tangible results.

Make use of cutting-edge technology and business intelligence to drive growth in new markets as well as and sales for new product offerings.

Reach the right target audience and boost your sales pipeline with useful insights on target accounts, technographic and demographic intelligence.

Make it easy for your team to reach your top prospects, educate them about your product, and show how you can help them achieve their financial goals.

Raise awareness of your company, establish your brand in your highly competitive market, and drive high-potential customers and prospects towards doing business with you.

Know your customers well enough to engage more effectively. Always provide consistent, coherent, and personalized experiences at every customer touch point.

Pitch your product or offering to the right people who are currently in the market to make a purchase.

In Edtech, it’s not about the number of leads, it’s the number of quality leads that matter. Get help with data and some inbound marketing, and it might not seem like such an uphill task.

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