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Increase your ROI by 4x with SMARTe Enrich

60% of our customers have recorded a significant increase in their Opportunity Pipeline just by enriching their CRM data. Not having contact information of decision makers, outdated or missing contacts in the CRM can be major obstacles for sales & marketing teams tasked with lead generation.

To maintain high-quality contact data is the biggest challenge for major organizations. In order to have high-quality data, your CRM needs to be updated on a regular basis with appropriate information. You may find contact data vendors, even freelancers who may help you in filling up or cleanse your CRM data, but how do you trust them?

When you cleanse or enrich your data with SMARTe, you get 98% accuracy which means when your Marketing and Sales team reach out to your prospects via various channels like web forms, tradeshow/event data, CRM/MAP and inbound leads, they will be hitting right prospects at right time.

We have proven cases of customers improving their sales funnel, sales productivity and marketing ROI by enriching and refreshing their data regularly and in the right manner.

We help customers –

  • Get a better picture of your prospects and customers by filling in your data gaps
  • Reach new and more prospects with accurate contact and company information
  • Gain more insights of your total addressable market (TAM)
  • 10x ROI on your marketing campaigns

How do we get your data clean and updated?

Data is of paramount importance. Before initiating to clean-up your contact data one must be aware of the current status of data. A proper understanding of current data status and identifying the relevant data to clean-up is as essential as the data enrich/refresh process.

So we offer comprehensive audit on CRM data to identify the right contacts to clean and enrich.

  • Understand your current criteria and refresh relevant data
  • Pay only for good data, with a lesser turnaround time
  • Identify the irrelevant data and discard it

After identification of appropriate data for enrichment, through our phone validation and other verification proprietary tools, we will in the missing gaps & verify wrong information. You don’t have to worry about your data formats, SMARTe can put refreshed data in your preferred format.

Increase your Sales Pipeline and Marketing ROI today!

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