Data Enrichment

Importance of Data Enrichment

All the organizations currently hold humongous data coming from various sources like websites, web forms, google ads, downloads and other sources. This data makes way for all your campaigns and the success and failure of the same really depends on the quality of data. Apart from quality due to stiff competition you also need is quantity of data to make a maximum reach out.

All said and done as a marketer, each of your marketing campaign needs to have a set of target audience associated for successfully generating its utmost potential and ROI. It also needs multiple data attributes in terms of contacts, region, companies, job roles, titles, industries etc. depending on your conducted customer behavior and patterns.

Let’s understand through a scenario here – numerous times, you might have tried to target specific job roles/titles, companies, geographies, from your target market. But consider when was the last time you had a chance to thoroughly do a data health check and see detailed analysis of your CRM and MAP data wherein it showcased your clean data and abnormalities. The answer would probably be some months back either manually or through a 3rd party vendor. But did they give a detailed analysis of your data health the way you were looking for? Can you say that the job roles/titles or any other required attributes were 100% correct? Also, how do you know after two months whether the recipient whom you’re targeting is still working in the same job and whether he has switched his job? If you’re using any 3rd party product, when did they append their data last?

Despite copious data vendors and their products benefiting from the progress in data science, it’s unfortunate that marketers are still struggling with such enormous data health problems for decades! This ultimately catches up when your campaigns hit a stumbling block and don’t return the desired goals you must have thought at the start of the program.

What if you could understand the current data hygiene of your CRM contacts with just a click of a button ? With a detailed visualization of each data attributes and a complete deep dive. With Data Enrichment you can slice-and-dice your data – providing meaningful insights and recommended approach for data cleansing and future management and most importantly …. All this in Real time which makes it a perfect Data on Demand.
It allows you to leverage and a chance which allows you to stay ahead of the competition when your data is refreshed in real time. It provides real-time analysis and insight to your existing CRM/MAP data abnormalities and provides recommendations to make informed decisions and to further augment data to boost significant ROI.

SMARTe Enrich provides a scalable platform that boosts campaign ROI –

  1. Recognizes duplicates, anomalies and incomplete data and shows you how to get it up-to-date, complete, and accurate.
  2. Fills in missing fields such as level & function with our 34M job title master
  3. Fills your funnel by identifying the whitespace between your existing and Total Addressable Market
  4. A real-time enrichment to all your CRM records by instantly updating your records as soon as our master database is updated
  5. A series of operations on records that cannot be matched and enriches those records with our prosperity fuzzy match algorithms

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