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Frequently asked questions

Is my data confidential?

At SMARTe we take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously. We’ll sign an NDA before proceeding with the audit and the data that you share for health check is all yours! We will neither disclose your data, nor sell it to anyone.

How soon will I get my health card?
Ones you share your data with our team, we’ll run a quick audit and share the report with you in TAT.
What all parameters to consider while defining buyer persona?

Firmographic data – things like industry, company size, location, annual revenue and market intelligence to prioritize your high-value accounts. We would also require an understanding of what a good prospect is like for your business. You need to identify how your target accounts are structured  and accordingly figure out who the decision-makers and influencers are by defining job roles, title.

What happens after my free audit is up?

You’ll receive an email with detailed report, also one of our experts will contact you to run you through the red areas and talk more about strategies.