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Stop Wasting Time on Poor Leads: Get Access to Contacts and Companies That are Already in the Buying Cycle

As B2B marketers, our primary goal is to generate leads. To generate the best quality leads with the highest chances of conversion, it is important that we work only with good, targeted, and high-quality data. We can use this data to foster and cultivate relationships with prospects through various marketing and sales activities.

Data is truly the king in today’s content-driven marketing world. Let us set a picture – Don’t you love waking up to the smell of sausages in the morning? Imagine you have your favorite sausages on your plate and it is dressed well with apples, onion, mustard, cabbage, and tomatoes and you’re about to have a hearty Monday morning breakfast before you start work…but suddenly the phone rings! “May I speak to David Wick? This is regarding how our software can help your business.” prompts the telemarketer on the other end of the line. Frustrating, isn’t it? This annoying interruption is not appreciated by anyone, including you.

This shows how important it is for marketers to reach out to the right prospects who are in the market to make a purchase. The best kind of marketers know why data quality is important for lead generation and how it can ensure that your lead gen strategy is setting you up for success. A data-driven marketing strategy can make massive improvements from the top to the bottom of your sales funnel and in this post, we discuss a few ways how our data platform can help generate good quality leads for your sales teams.


How can SMARTe data platform help you achieve your lead generation goals?

SMARTe offers a 360 degree prospecting platform offering global and accurate business intelligence across 70 countries. It gives sales and marketing teams access to useful company and contact data with advanced search functionalities to make prospecting simpler and more efficient. It provides over 55 fields of relevant business information along with verified email addresses and mobile numbers. It can seamlessly integrate with existing CRMs and MAPs. It also comes with a Chrome extension to help sales reps access contact and company information from within corporate websites and LinkedIn profiles.

# Power your lead generation with consented and double opt-In leads

We run data-driven and super targeted nurture campaigns, followed by tele-touch follow-up by native language speakers from our contact center to generate highly qualified opted-in leads. This way, you get 100% accurate and double opt-in data for your prospecting needs. Take your email marketing game to a whole new level by promoting your e-book, webinar, guide or any other content to the right audiences who are eager to learn more or even ready to purchase.

# SLA-guaranteed 100% accuracy

We leverage human intelligence to build accurate and phone-verified B2B lead lists for sales and marketing campaigns that require precise targeting. Our research analysts go through every data record, correct for mistakes, and verify the data for accuracy. This additional layer of verification can promise SLA-guaranteed 100% accuracy to empower your sales teams.

# Uncover New Target Accounts with Unmatched Customization

Get access to a prospect database customized according to your specific project requirements based on unique personas, industries, titles, and more. This kind of customization offers 100% accurate B2B leads for ABM campaigns that require precise targeting. We provide refreshed contact and company data that is verified using a combination of technology and human intelligence. If this isn’t effective business intelligence, then what is?

# 181 million contacts and 20 million companies

Power your sales outreach with a growing database of over 181 million contacts and 20 million companies. SMARTe’s master database is cleansed and refreshed every 90 days to ensure you always have fresh and updated data for your sales and marketing teams.

# Take your email marketing game to a whole new level

Find your prospect’s work email address and reach out to them directly. We check whether every email address we provide exists and is valid, so that your emails never bounce. Integrate our platform with your daily tools and workflows to start cold emailing campaigns right away.

# Reach out to decision-makers directly

Our mobile numbers have delivered impressive results with an unbeatable coverage of 70% of decision-makers in North America and 50% of decision-makers in EMEA and APAC combined. We offer unlimited reveals for mobile numbers empowering your sales reps to directly connect with as many decision-makers as possible. We use our proprietary AI-powered technology to ensure our mobile numbers maintain the highest levels of accuracy.

# Personalize your outreach with hyper-persona segmentation

Our advanced search functionalities offer you prospecting insights you will not find anywhere else. We provide data on roles, responsibilities, work experience, education, email addresses, and even mobile numbers of decision-makers. Speak to every prospect as an individual through the lens of our advanced firmographic, demographic, and technographic data.

# Technographic insights of over 6000 technologies

We help you construct firmographic profiles and identify pain points so that you can go after those prospects who are currently in the buying cycle. We can tell you which hardware, software, tools, and applications your top prospects use on a daily basis. We currently cover over 6000 technologies and millions of technographic data points for nearly 20 million companies available to our customers. Embed our technographic data into your new leads and existing records to empower your marketing teams. Uncover competitive and co-opetitive insights of over 6000 technologies to target relevant prospects with effective campaigns.

# Identify accounts that resemble your best customers

Filter your top accounts from a list of over 20M companies and create a target list based on industry, revenue, location, size, and more. Create your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from a list of over 250 job functions and titles of personas within companies that are currently in the buying cycle.

# Seamless integrations to make selling fun and easy

Quickly send contact and company data from our platforms to create leads, contact, and account records in the tools you already use. This way, you can sync lead and contact data in real-time to make prospecting and follow-up easier and a lot more fun.

# Supercharge your ABM strategies

A large dataset of matched accounts certainly looks impressive. But if those accounts are not qualified with the right contacts, it might not deliver results. We can help you reach out to key decision-makers with the best possible match rates to ensure you close more deals in shortest time possible.

# GDPR-ready data

We rely on GDPR and CCPA aligned processes by setting stringent rules on how we process, gather, and protect personal data. However, there are many situations where individuals would accept the processing of their personal data and may not want to be bothered by the mechanisms of giving consent. Processing personal data on the basis of legitimate interests has been long accepted as valid.

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