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In today’s age of constantly evolving technology, marketing innovation, advanced advertising platforms, social media, and SEO, email “may” seem a bit outdated. When there are hundreds of modern ways of targeting your audiences available to marketers, email marketing may fall on the sidelines while you chase the latest targeting strategies on social media and internet search. However, a recent survey a MarTechSeries claimed a large majority of marketers still totally love their emails. The report revealed that 94% of respondents considered email one of their three most effective marketing channels.

Like everything else that uses technology, email marketing, too, is continuously evolving. Marketers need to constantly adapt their strategies and tactics to keep up with the latest trends. If built, optimized, and tracked regularly, email can be one of the most powerful channels in your marketing strategy.

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is inaccurate and impersonal email addresses. While you may find some success with social media platforms like LinkedIn, these tools cannot be relied on to find the right contact information and email addresses every time.

This is where SMARTe data platform shines! We have listed a few reasons why SMARTe data platform is one of the best tools to power your email marketing campaigns.

Massive Data Coverage

SMARTe’s growing database covers 200+ countries, 181 million contacts, and 20M companies. Our proprietary tools sort through millions of records, match, and provide you with in-depth information about your prospects.

Verified email addresses

Find your prospect’s work email address and reach out to them directly. We check whether every email address we provide exists and is valid so that your emails never bounce. Integrate our data platform with your daily tools and workflows to start cold emailing campaigns right away.

Human-verified email addresses

We leverage human intelligence to build accurate and phone-verified lists for your marketing campaigns that require precise targeting. Our research analysts go through every data record, correct for mistakes, and verify the data for accuracy. This additional layer of verification can promise SLA-guaranteed 100% accuracy to empower your sales and marketing teams.

Advanced email intelligence

SMARTe data platform offers the most accurate, highest quality, and verified email addresses for your email marketing campaigns. We have the best email coverage even for multi-part name geographies like Portugal and LATAM.

While this sounds very elaborate and complicated, let us show you how simple finding high-quality email addresses for your campaigns can actually get. Here are two of the many ways you can leverage our data platform.

Find an email address on SMARTe Data Platform

This is the simplest way you can find an email address on our data platform.

#1 Navigate to search and enter the company name you are targeting. Under Advanced Search, set up granular and advanced filtering. You can search by specific data attributes like employee size, region, technologies installed, and more.

#2 Select the company you are looking for. Navigate to the “Contacts” tab and if you know the name of the person you are looking for, type their name and click “reveal” to find their email address and direct dial mobile number.

Yes, it is actually that simple. Can we make it simpler and more user-friendly? We totally can. Here’s how.

Find an email address on our Google Chrome extension

SMARTe data platform’s Google extension makes prospecting on LinkedIn and corporate websites easier than ever. All you need to do is install our Chrome extension and get accurate B2B sales data delivered directly to the platforms where you spend most of your time on – corporate websites and LinkedIn profiles. The Chrome extension provides you with access to direct mobile numbers and verified email addresses as and when you need them without even leaving your tab.

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