How Often do You Clean and Enrich Your Data?

Real-time data cleansing and enrichment along with effective data visualization and analytics to resolve your B2B data challenges.


Industry sources say nearly 67% of businesses use CRM data to target customers and 94% of businesses believe their customer database is inaccurate. At the same time, the size of customer databases doubles every year.

It is tempting to put off dirty data prevention for until something goes wrong. But studies suggest it takes $1 to prevent bad data from entering your systems, $10 to cleanse and dedupe it and $100 if you do not take action.

Get a complete 360° view into your leads, contacts and accounts

Synthesize marketing data from multiple internal and external sources and consolidate this data into a single, comprehensive view of all your prospect. SMARTe Enrich provides a detailed analytical dashboard view of all your leads, contacts, and accounts within your CRM. It segments your buyer personas, job functions and job levels for creating impactful campaign strategies. Track your CRM health status to get insights on your data delivered directly to your dashboard. Audit every record on your CRM providing detailed insights along with quality scoring for each field.

complete 360° view into your leads, contacts and accounts
Industry-Best Match Rate

Industry-Best Match Rate

SMARTe Enrich offers better data match rate than any of its competing products using a combination of language translation, nick-name match, diacritic translations, and fuzzy match algorithms. Verify whether your data is in the correct format and enrich with new data if required. Run data matching checks against existing data to ensure you always have correct data to build accurate, up-to-date customer records

Get higher response rates with advanced email intelligence

Find anyone’s email address in seconds using our advanced email intelligence algorithms. Ensure email deliverability through real-time validation technology. Reliable email addresses and contact information is the only way you can run effective marketing campaigns. Ensure you always have the highest quality and most likely to engage email addresses and increase engagement.



A CRM is only as good as the data it is fed with. With a 90-day refresh of the entire master database, SMARTe Enrich provides real-time data append which is completely automated, thereby increasing your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform efficiency. Avoid manual entries of your customer data and simplify your contact form filling with real time enrichment of inbound leads across 50+ fields with quality scoring. It comes with multiple delivery options – CRM, secure On-Demand, and APIs.

SMARTe Enrich for Salesforce

  • Real time enrichment of inbound leads across 55+ fields with quality scoring through seamless integration with Salesforce
  • Keep your CRM data accurate and relevant at all times (Always-ON) with real-time enrichment of leads, contacts, accounts
  • Monitor data health and quality score continuously across attributes and modules
  • Enterprise level configuration to enrich data on demand as per client criteria to customize enrichment frequency, fields etc.
  • Unmatched depth and accuracy of B2B data with unrivalled CRM data enrichment capabilities
  • Perform specific persona-based data audit to check data health status. For instance, enable your SDRs to check quality scoring and data health-check of CTO persona to enable personalized marketing and segmentation

SMARTe Enrich On-Demand

  • Upload a file with leads, contacts, or accounts securely (SecureFTP), and SMARTe Enrich will enrich it with accurate data and intelligence
  • Build a more accurate and complete profile of your customers
  • 55+ actionable data fields per record
  • Get to know your prospects and customers thoroughly with unmatched B2B data coverage

Person Enrichment API

  • RESTful Data Enrichment – Lightweight and efficient
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Agile CRM, Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud/Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and more
  • Enrich inbound leads you receive from web forms, events, and tradeshows through webhook
  • Get access to mobile numbers for 70% of the matched records in North America and 50% of the matched records
    in EMEA and APAC
  • Shorten your contact forms with reliable data enrichment
  • Create a richer profile of all the contacts in your CRM or any MAP in real-time
  • Know more about your prospects with 55+ relevant and accurate data points

100% accurate, phone-verified, and SLA guaranteed prospect data across 202 countries. Read More

360° prospector with accurate mobile numbers across 44 countries. Read More


Improved Outreach Efficiency of Campaigns by 29%

One of the largest players in telecommunications improved their data hygiene and made a direct impact to their outreach campaigns using Data Enrichment solution

Increased Opportunity-to-win Rate by 61% with Data Enrichment

A leading on-demand Customer Relationship Management platform improved SDR efficiency by 80% achieved 12x increase in sales conversions

The 1/10/100 Rule – The Business Benefits of Customer Data Enrichment

Business decisions are increasingly driven by data and dirty data is expensive. Organizations invest a lot of time into CRM implementation and management

Enrich Methodology


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1209 Lynbrook Way,
San Jose, CA 95129
+1 (408) 834 8842

27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX
+44 (20) 3002 3649

1101 A, Vishwaroop IT Park, Sector 30-A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703
+91 (22) 68384000