About DataGenie

DataGenie classifies and addresses CRM data challenges and marketing automation technology data health with detailed visualization. We deep dive to showcase Good, Fair & Bad data status. The real-time enrichment provides you with clean and more reliable enriched data for sales and marketing to generate better ROI and drive revenue.

It helps sales and marketing operations resolve CRM data challenges with Data Health Analysis and Real-time Data Enrichment. Click here to know more.

CRM Data Health

The Data Visualization tool with real time Enrichment

  • CRM Health – DataGenie scrutinizes CRM data quality with detailed visualization of your data which enables you to identify problem areas and keeps you ahead of stale data.
  • Data Segmentation – DataGenie segments your Buyer Persona, Job Function and Job Levels for effective campaign strategy
  • Data Normalization - Standardize unique field values of your database using our data science technology and data driven technologies
  • Duplicate Analysis - Most of times the most engaging leads from your pipeline are actually duplicates. DataGenie analysis identifies duplicate data from your CRM, allowing you to move forward with cleaner data
  • Gap Analysis - It analyses the database in your CRM that diverge differently from our data source and offer insights what are the discrepancies. It enables clean data in real time decay in your CRM
  • Data Effectiveness – DataGenie enriches your record in real time with new information and fill in the gaps. It enriches your CRM data to your exact specifications to derive better ROI for sales and marketing

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Get started with analyzing, cleansing and enrichment of your data

  • We provide a complete 360° view into your leads, contacts and accounts which enables CRM health status of your entire database
  • A real time cleansing, deduplication, and normalization of your data to maintain an accurate view of your prospects
  • Hyper segmentation of your database to match exact specifications to derive more significant, personalized campaigns.
  • Drive real time enrichment of your data with new information and fill in missing values.
  • Synthesize marketing data from multiple internal and external sources and consolidate this data into a single, comprehensive view of your prospects

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CRM Data cleansing and enrichment

How can DataGenie’s Quality Quotient help you measure your data quality

Real-time Data Health Analytics and Enrichment for Sales and Marketing CRM database. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of CRM/MAP data