About Data Strategies

Marketing contacts data is rising at an extraordinary pace. A premier global market intelligence firm, IDC forecasts that by 2020 there is a chance of more than 35 zettabytes (which is around 1.8 trillion gigabytes) of data being stored, ensuing more data  being generated almost every 3 days than the projected rise of sand grains on the planet. Using this gigantic data is another problem for many organizations. Here below are some of our researched data strategies which assists many companies in achieving 10 folds ROI for Sales & Marketing programs:

Old Employee Happy Customer

Has it happened with you where the point of contact from your client’s company moved on? It’s very hard to track such movements but at the same time they are very vital since it’s easier to sell to prospects who were your client once upon a time. You can target and source vital information of old employees (like Mr. X) who were working for an existing happy client (like ABC Inc.)

Discover the Parent-Child relationship

It is extremely complex and difficult to figure out your existing customer’s subsidiary/business units’ relationship? We can help you find and reach out to companies/associates of your existing company (like ABC Inc.)

Target Competitors of existing customers

Ever thought about how you can take the next step in your competitive target planning? Now get insights on competitive list of customers; which will enable you to reach out to similar organizations like your existing customer base. Moreover, you can target technology and partner install base as well.

Target Competitors’ Customers’ Competitors’

Have you tried to leverage your existing competitors’ customer base? We can provide extensive insights on companies that are competitors’ to your competitors’ customers. This will help you to target companies (like DEF Inc. and PQR Inc.) which are look-alike to your competitors’ customer base thus increasing your target market.