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The Great Resignation

Why Ensuring Data Quality Is More Important Than Ever ?

Is it just me or does your LinkedIn also have a lot of “joining posts”? With the Covid era bringing in a lot of new normals, 2021 brought in “The Great Resignation”!

Since November 2021 thousands of Americans quit their jobs, while the UK has seen the highest quit rate ever. The company’s headcount reduced as employees started handing out notices having employers worried and leaving an impact on the company’s productivity. Most of them left their jobs to find better compensated or more rewarding work, while others saw this as an opportunity to take a braver step and become self-employed. This led to referring to “The Great Resignation” also as “The Great Reshuffle”.

Covid-19 also brought changes to how and where we work from. Re-evaluating their priorities employees started seeking a new-work life balance which was popularized by working-from-home due to the restrictions on movement during Covid. Work-from-home is here to stay as more than 20% of jobs posted last year were “hybrid”.

What does this mean for Sales and Marketing?

Marketing needs accurate and good quality data to engage and connect with prospects, and valid emails to run effective campaigns, while Sales are dependent on verified and accurate direct dials for outreach. With the resignation/reshuffle, it is a no-brainer that most of your CRM data is getting (or may already be) outdated quickly.

Will this impact your CRM as most of the email and phone numbers may now be no longer useful?

Data decays at a rate of almost 20% per quarter and with the surge in the resignations and reshuffles that rate will only increase. Staying competitive and having the most accurate information on your prospects will become challenging as they will no longer be valid and hence useful.

What you need to stay on top of The Great Resignation:


It becomes crucial to have the most recent information on your prospects and accounts with such changes. You need to ensure that your data is complete, accurate, and valid i.e., you have the highest quality of data. Your data platform, relying on LinkedIn or refreshing every 6 months to 3 years won’t work for you.

SMARTe refreshes its master database every 90 days to make sure you don’t miss any opportunity while tracking your CRM health and fixing gaps in real-time.

Hybrid Jobs and Work-from-home:

Working from home or from anywhere, you have people scattered all over the world. With hybrid jobs gaining popularity it is crucial to have your prospects’ cell as well company direct dial.

We make sure we don’t jumble up and the phone numbers are segmented as Company Phone, Contact Location Phone, Direct Dial 1, and Direct Dial 2. Our cell numbers have a coverage of 70% in NA and 45-50% in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

Reshuffle and New Roles:

Many people resigning means new people coming in to fill that place. The Great resignation saw people not only moving to new roles but completely moving to a new job market. Some of them may have been a part of your account and could leverage your services in their new organization. Others may have taken up a new role that fits your ICP.

SMARTe enrichment comes with a feature to help you get job change updates on key contacts. You will receive alerts and notifications when your contact changes roles or gets promoted and append the lead with the most accurate and current details.

Duplication and Suppression:

SMARTe offers native integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and many other CRM’s/MAP. Our browser extension enables you to prospect on LinkedIn and Company Websites and save the information directly to your CRM.

Data being dynamic and people changing jobs causes various errors as data review is tedious and complicated. Make sure your data vendor has the right Integrations and APIs to avoid duplication, refine segmentation, and lead routing.

Sales and marketing efforts and ROI rates are likely to suffer with “The Great Resignation” if your data is not refreshed and maintained to its highest level. You need a data vendor who is not just dependent and limited to data available on public domains. The changes Covid-19 brought are here to stay so SMARTe makes sure to provide direct dials and emails that are valid, accurate, and deliverable amidst these new normals.

Check how SMARTe ENRICH works and would be a fit to help you stay on top of data quality, making sure you have the maximum opportunities.

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