About Data Audit

Are you looking to make sure you have the right contacts in your CRM or marketing automation tool before executing your campaigns? Data Audit enables you to have a look at the comprehensive picture of your existing data status, distinguishing clean, inaccurate and incomplete data. It indicates where your business could help you to expand your reach towards potential sales by finding contacts that match your ideal customer profile. We scrutinize your entire existing database hygiene , to understand your current health of your contact database.

We leverage our technology as well as domain expertise to slice-and- dice your data, and provide you meaningful insights and recommended approach for data cleaning and management.

Database hygiene
  • We scrutinize and analyze the database to identify gaps, categorize as per business relevancy
  • We help you in understanding the hygiene of your existing contact data
  • Pay only for clean-up of relevant data vis-à-vis entire current database
  • We provide unified naming convention across your entire organization to deliver actionable intelligenc
  • Transform and govern your data

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Get complete picture of all your prospect

  • Run powerful campaigns on your data — and you’ll be ready to take the next step
  • Identify duplicates impacting leads in your pipeline and avoid wastage of marketing resources and inaccurate revenue projections.
  • Bad data of CRM or marketing automation tool results in low conversion rates
  • Understand the hygiene of your existing database like tradeshow, inbound leads, download forms, etc.
  • Identify data to be refreshed, enriched, trashed, etc.
  • Plan out future data sourcing /appending strategy as per your specific requirement

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Data Audit