About ConsentGenie

Content syndication with success based opted-in MQL across the globe adhering worldwide privacy laws. With the help of SMARTe’s 110 Million master global database, ConsentGenie helps to market your asset to highly targeted personas using advanced hyper-persona segmentation.

ConsentGenie further leverages our Bespoke Contacts methodology with super targeted nurture campaigns followed by tele-touch follow-up by native language speakers from its contact center to generate highly qualified opt-in leads.

Content Syndication

Syndicate content across 110M lead generation network

  • We promote your content to your target audience from across industry verticals to fit your needs to generate leads. Reach decision makers who are close to a spending decision

Powered by our proprietary content marketing engine

  • We combine our unmatched B2B data expertise and broad audience reach to produce integrated, multi-channel program for maximum ROI. We identify high-level decision-makers who match your ideal customer profile, both in your target accounts and at buying organizations

Accurate emails & phone numbers

  • We have verified email and phone numbers to identify sales ready opportunities and scheduling calls with prospects who are evaluating and close to spending decision. We accelerate opportunities and keep your pipeline moving

Granular level industry targeting with hyper persona segmentation

  • Our DaaS platform has rich set of industry tree to know details of your key accounts data and in depth level / function tree structure to target your persona and product offering. Our extensive taxonomy / dictionaries with granular level industry targeting allows to create industry-best messaging for the right decision makers
Content Syndication
Content Syndication

Post campaign market intelligence –

  • Our market data intelligence can provide Name, Title, Job Title, Company Name, No. of Employees, Country, Email Address, Telephone Number and any other custom data required on the leads generated

Lead delivery mechanism

  • We deliver your leads on a spreadsheet with standard information on a daily or weekly basis. All the duplicate and invalid data will be removed to assure high accuracy. Before delivering the leads to you, we can verify and validate the leads to be concrete with your custom qualifying questions.

Generate qualified leads

  • Our content syndication platform helps you promote your Whitepapers, Case Studies, Success Stories, Brochures, Blog Post, eBooks, Recorded Webcast, Marketing flyers and more to generate top qualified leads

GDPR compliant data –

  • We follow stringent GDPR compliance to ensure adherence to privacy laws. SMARTe takes into account “the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require the protection of personal data”, and check they don’t override interests. We comply with Article 6(1)(f) of Recital 47 which is a three-part test a key elements of the legitimate interests

Persona-based messaging

  • We create persona-based campaigns with highly specific content aligned with a lifecycle stage which is targeted to your persona’s painpoint. We capture relevant information through gated content to determine the persona that best represents each lead
Content Syndication
CRM Data Cleansing

Data Strategies

  • We help you target the right buyers through our proprietary Data Strategies methods such as - ‘Old Employees Happy Customers’, ‘Global Counterparts of your Existing Customers, ’Lookalikes of your Existing Customers’, ‘Install-base of your Competitors’

Improved Lead Generation

  • Two-fold lead outreach program with explicitly consented sales-ready opportunities generated through 2-3 months of nurture. We make multiple attempts to ensure maximum ROI and guarantee to receive a certain amount of leads with the help of audience filtering options