SMARTe is a world leader in providing GDPR-compliant sales and marketing data. We have helped over 300 customers boost revenue growth and improve marketing ROI.

At SMARTe, our people enjoy coming to work and feel appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded. A relaxed and productive atmosphere promotes creativity, productivity, and out-of-the-box thinking. A Can-do, go-the-extra-mile and win-win attitudes are what we usually thrive on. We understand we are a part of something larger than ourselves. We find our work impactful because we believe we are doing something that really benefits our customers. We give our 100% to be the best and deliver high quality products and services.

Our people have a sense of camaraderie, cooperation, and empowerment. We take interest in what is going on in the professional and personal lives of others. We genuinely care about each other. Our culture allows room for any employee to influence or talk to any other employee, regardless of title, position, or department. We create and continuously cultivate a culture that reinforces our employees’ needs to feel integral to the company’s success.

If you take a walk around our office or our sea-facing garden area, you’ll find a workplace with genuine and evidently cheerful people who are always smiling and happy to be at work. You can “feel” the culture and we haven’t heard of anyone who can fake happiness at work.

Life at SMARTe

We have been told quite a few times that life at SMARTe is great. While our work may be super challenging, the culture definitely doesn’t add to the challenge.

On the contrary, it helps you feel happy and appreciated. A flexible work schedule, frequent celebrations, a soothing view and additional perks keeps us happy, healthy and wise.

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