Having human-verified and accurate direct dials is a lot like being given direct access to your best-fit prospect. You don’t have to wait for them to open your email, or wonder if your prospect has opened your mail at all.

Direct Dials can improve your team’s connect rate, productivity, numbers, and most of all, their motivation to do the best for you.

Vikram Maram, Head of Products at SMARTe Inc., speaks on how SMARTe’s data platform SMARTe Discover can boost sales prospecting efficiency and customer connect rates with accurate direct dials.

What is Connect Rate?

To discuss the power of a direct dials, we must first understand connect rate. For those who aren’t familiar, connect rate is the number of calls it takes for a sales rep to connect with a potential buyer.

Why Does Connect Rate Matter?

The average connect rate is 18 calls to one connection. (Source: Sales Intel)

Assume you manage a sales team of 25 reps, who each make 52 calls per day and works 250 days every year.

Total CallsConversations Per YearIncrease in Conversations
18 : 118055.56Industry Average
17 : 119117.651062.09

Conclusion: A reduction of one call in your call to connect rate can yield over 1000 more conversations with your prospects.

Direct dials can drive better efficiency

  • Direct Dials can improve connect rate significantly
  • SDRs can bypass switchboards and receptionists and connect directly to their prospects
  • Direct Dials help your sales teams become better at pitching value propositions
  • It puts your SDR right in front of the buyer. This will equip them better to dig for customer pain points and generate opportunities


SMARTe’s SMARTe Discover delivers the most accurate human-verified direct dial phone numbers and enables SDRs connect directly with decision makers of all the contacts and key accounts and close deals faster.

  • Contact (Including Direct Dials) and Company Data Across 40+ Countries
  • 70% Availability of Direct Dials Globally (Higher in North America)
  • 80% Accuracy for Direct Dials
  • Human Verified Direct Dials

You can’t only rely on Direct Dials for exponential revenue growth – you also need a lot more information on a particular account to connect with the right decision maker and sell effectively. You need multiple data points like firmographics, technographics, company data, analytics, insights and more. SMARTe Discover has you covered on all of the aspects covered below.

  • Build granular Company and Contact Lists with custom search criteria
  • Export lists seamlessly into your CRM with just one click
  • Identify prospects based on useful insights like firmographics, job title or level, contact information, technographics and more

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