Your Inactive Data Can Turn Into ZOMBIE

Contact database ROI

Contact database ROI

Every marketer faces challenges in managing their inactive data, here’s few tips to prevent your contacts into ZOMBIES;

What is a ZOMBIE according to you? It is an inactive lead that was engaged with your business at some point of time. And emailing a zombie puts your IP address at a risk of being blacklisted.

How can you avoid ZOMBIE from getting into your database?

  • Mark all inactive leads that are 6 months old or even older then that
  • Implement an opt-in or double opt-in strategy don’t just collect email address and blast emails.
  • Validate email address every 90 days to make sure that your contacts haven’t turned into ZOMBIE.

How can you be successful in keeping ZOMBIE out of your database?

  • Cleanse and update your database on regular basis
  • Fill in the missed blanks with accurate information

Now after identifying your inactive list its time to get rid of the ZOMBIE’s

  • Quarantine zombies and separate them from contacts in your CRM
  • Suppress known zombies to avoid including them in your campaigns
  • It’s very essential to keep a track of your all unsubscribes.