Why you should avoid buying list data?

Targeting relevant audience for marketing and sales efforts is always profitable. And, 8 out of 10 businesses know the difference. Knowing this audience will help you get to them fast, saving a considerable amount of cost and energy on the way.

Make your sales more productive

You have sales teams that spend a lot of time in potential contacts that aren’t in-line with your target market. Finding contacts that categories your target market is significant for a business. Identifying the potential contacts that are likely to convert is important. Most of all, because the survival of a business most likely depends on it.

Getting your lists from data vendors!

Buying lists from data vendors is again not advisable. Most of the times these lists contain matching job titles, and so, leave you more confused at the end of the day. Their sales teams were now spending all their time and effort pleading all the wrong people. It gets difficult to relate to the decision makers as job titles are complex most of the times. Also, because, they don’t reveal much about the role and responsibility of an individual. The worse part? Existence of many similar contacts with same titles will only add to more confusion.

So how do we get to the right decision makers?

The best way to do it is collecting usable practical information. It’s not difficult if you can influence phone and web research. This would take the efforts of accumulating information from many sources. The sources include social media, forums, CV’s, company website and others. Add to it, the calls made to people in the industry for further relevant contacts the sales team’s needs.  We offer Global Contact Discovery.  It can help differentiate between the role and title based discovery as these contacts are phone validated before we deliver. Thereby, ensuring a list of targeted audience and correct contact information. This process can improve engagement quality and increase the lead volume manifolds.

Having an in-house team to help with generating the ideal list of contacts is sure an option. But, it is possible for the process to drain you of some important funds and time. along with hitting the bottom line, it is also going to frustrate the sales team. With our Global Contact Discovery offering, you pay for the contacts that fit your Ideal Customer Profile.

Need Help?! SMARTe can help you with actionable insights and real-time updates to ensure your contact data is accurate.