Why there is no substitute for good data

Often data everywhere but not the right one to choose is the plight of many companies. We have seen many companies hitting the stalemate even after having many contacts residing in their database. The making of any targeted and focused campaign starts from accurate and updated contact data. Without having good data to campaign around, it’s quite impossible to turn your ROI to the next level.

Here we list some of the ways to keep your data healthy wealthy and wise.

* Look into your in-house data

The very first mistake that many marketers do is looking for new data for campaigns. Although it is understood if you are a start-up or a growing company, but large organizations who do this need to evaluate their plans coherently. When you have millions of contacts sitting in your marketing tools, why go out to see more? Get the data checked frequently to keep up with your prospect information and making your campaign stand out.

* New markets are imported

Finding new prospects is usually the best way to start  new campaigns. Very seldom, companies have the right prospects that suit their campaign needs. We have seen many companies missing out on the untapped market and opportunities in their Sales pipeline, so make sure you get your data partner to help in finding your total addressable market (TAM).

* Understand your data health

Time and again we have observed that there is a lot of bad data sitting in CRM and marketing automation tools which is humongous. This gigantic data makes it very complicated to prioritize and target. For making life easier, this data needs to be analysed. Once the data is dissected with good data separated from bad data, your campaign hit rate would grow enormously making it laudable.

* Rejuvenate your ABM accounts

Although I am not the first person to talk about ABM strategies, but these have been proven in the market with many companies enjoying exponential growth in their revenue streams. Companies fail to implement the correct ABM accounts which factors in their targeted campaigns being erratic and non-productive. Strategic ABM accounts need to be refreshed on a timely basis for supplying quality leads to the sales pipeline.

We have tried to explain few important strategies which can help you keep up your data and hit your campaign goals. We have been helping our 300+ clients with numerous such data strategies which have boosted their revenue by 10 folds. Interested to know more? Our Data Strategies encapsulates the zest of our decades of data domain expertise which has aided us to formulate world’s finest and unique DaaS suite of Bespoke Contacts, Relevant Contacts and DataGenie. We’d love to hear from you on how you plan your data for your campaigns.