Why real-time data maintenance is the future of data hygiene?

As a marketer, you must have managed lot of email marketing campaigns. The ones which gave you a good ROI and minimum bounces surely made you proud! But what about those which received bad returns? You need to dig deep on what could be the reason they are in this zone. The crux of any email campaign is targeted data. Accuracy of data has always been the biggest hurdle in achieving 10x ROI from email campaigns.

Bad data must never be taken lightly. The longer bad data stays in your CRM, the more $$ is spent on making it clean and usable. Dirty data is a genuine problem for most organizations because of rapid increase at which the data stales and poor upkeep process for data maintenance.

According to SiriusDecisions,

Organizations need to shift their focus from one-time data cleansing to ongoing data maintenance to turn the tide

Being a marketer, we understand the last thing you want is one more task to check off your everyday to-do list. But the good news is that it’s now quite easy to prioritize ongoing data hygiene and automate this process.

Luckily, recent progressive development in the data industry have enabled many data partners to create platforms that make it easier than ever to cleanse and maintain your CRM data.

This is why it is vital to get smarter with industry’s highly accurate intelligent data through Relevant Contacts. This unique cloud based data modelling platform enables marketers to search and download by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria.

We have built a robust set of 140+ rich industries going beyond the industry-wide flat structure for qualified prospects data. Our in-built 1000+ data process proprietary rules and business logic has helped to increase many of our customers’ data outreach by enriching 85+ fields information real-time.

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