Who is really behind the “Data Problem” in your organization?

According to a recent SiriusDecisions study, 63% of B2B organizations feel they can access, validate, transform and secure their current data. However, only 13% are confident in their future ability to support an expanding universe of data. In demand creation, as organizations’ desire to acquire more right contacts (including key supplemental information) continues to grow, their need for effective contact data management also increases.

First, concentrate on the processes to bring data into your systems and manipulate it. Then, think about who manages your database activities. Behind every data problem, there’s a process problem – and behind every process problem, there’s likely to be a people problem.

So, before you mention about the data problems your organization is facing, you need to think about processes that are required to solve these problems.

Here are some common process issues –

  • Every duplicate account that’s floating around your sales force administration (SFA) system
  • Every opportunity record that’s missing the connection to its marketing touches,
  • Every contact in your marketing automation platform (MAP) who is no longer at that company.

End of the day, it’s either people who set up systems to perform data management activities or people who execute those processes directly

  • List uploads
  • Syncing with other systems
  • Manual logging of account activity
  • Contact form submissions

After identification, think about who manages your database

  • Marketing or sales operations
  • Sales reps
  • Field marketing
  • Prospects/customers

These are just a few examples of what you might find, but this mapping is the beginning of a more challenging root-cause. You can also perform regular analysis to figure out where data goes bad and its reasons.