What’s your first step towards GDPR compliance?

According to Forrester, “Firms will learn to better assess the costs and benefits of records they process, store, and protect. They will progressively focus on collecting, buying, processing, storing, and protecting only the data that offers them the most value and will kill the rest.”

All marketers are likely to be affected by the new rules, so will need to prepare. The biggest shake-up for marketers will be around how contact data can be used for marketing purposes, and how that data is stored and protected, and strengthening the rights of data subjects. Organizations will need to understand what’s required of them, so they’re ready to comply with the rules by the deadline in May 2018.

GDPR is coming and there is a lot spoken about it, everyone needs to be prepared. Your database is a great place to start slacking off on preparations. Getting database cleansed should be one of the first steps to be taken to achieve GDPR compliance.

“Contact data ages like fish, not wine…it gets worse as it gets older, not better.”

Though GDPR is not that easy to be prepared for, marketers will need to put in loads of efforts to get to the place of compliance. But when it comes to data quality aspect, it’s surely is a blessing in disguise. Ultimately clean database means more effective marketing strategy with higher campaign metrics. So get ready to refresh your data, it may be a tedious task to implement, but it’s beneficial to keep data enriched, refreshed and cleansed.

With GDPR coming closer data refresh should be on one’s priority task on their to-do list, it’s time to get contact database in right shape.

SMARTe’s Data Enrich/Refresh is all about cleaning and enriching your B2B contact data to smoothen your sales and marketing process. Using our Data Enrich/Refresh solution, you can enrich, verify, refresh and augment your Marketing and sales data through various channels such as inbound leads, web forms, CRM/MAP and event/tradeshow data – enabling you to concentrate only on your marketing efforts by hitting the right prospects at the right time.

With SMARTe’s Data Enrich one can get rid of Duplicates Contacts & missing “Country/Job Titles etc. in CRM/MAP – which will save you from violation of GDPR

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