Web Leads – Are you managing them well

In the age of the world  wide web, marketers are mandated to look at the online space as a lead generating channel. So apart from using the company’s website and other web properties along with  social media presence, marketing teams are ever proactively harnessing online channels for a better lead pipeline.

Now typically , web based leads or queries are generated through a web form on a landing page or associated with a downloadable resource (e.g. eBook, Case Study, etc.). Additionally, social media can generate direct or indirect business queries.  Queries are typically directed to a marketing database or inbox, which are further passed onto Sales teams to follow-up.

But can marketing pass  on each query to  sales teams? Yes, they could but with a risk of being passing a unqualified or even junk lead! Web based queries could be partial, inaccurate or simply not fitting your criteria of a qualified lead. Not always visitors may enter proper contact information, so even if the web form is filled with desired criteria, improper information may make this lead as junk.  How do you determine?

Now the question arises, that in your busy schedule can you work on verifying/cleansing or appending web leads. Practically, if you are in your early stage of business this can sound possible but as your business grows and your sales personnel’s are running behind getting business. Verifying and enriching web based leads becomes tedious task.

Here, is when you need someone who can help you with cleansing and appending leads generated through web.. SMARTe steps in here to help you with cleansing and appending your web leads ,leveraging technology  combined with tested research methodologies. SMARTe not only just segregate your web leads, but will also verify the information given through in-house developed tools  and human verification.

Equipped with 100% verified information provided  by SMARTe, your sales team is now ready to hit-on and generate better ROI through new improved verified web leads.