Ways to Identify When Leads Are Ready to Close

Any contact in your database who is ready to engage in meaningful dialogue and likely to make a purchase can be considered as a sales-ready lead. This is usually distinct from casual enquiries born out of curiosity with little intent to purchase.

According to SiriusDecisions, “Knowingly or unknowingly your sales pipeline has 4% to 10% of the leads within your database that are sales ready.” This itself is a huge opportunity for marketers to track down existing leads and capitalize on them to encourage that crucial final sale.

We have a few tips to find these leads –

  1. Track activities of right-fit prospects

At times your lead meets your ideal customer profile, but that gives you no indication whether those leads are sales ready. You can get the indication of sales-ready leads by monitoring actions like submitting trial or demo requests, using ‘contact us’ forms. Also, you can try nurturing by providing information like implementation plans, data sheets, pricing information etc. In other words, the best way to guess sales-readiness is when prospects react to ‘non-promotional’ messages and engage with you on your website, social media or emails.

  1. Use appropriate Call-to-Action

Call-to-action allows your leads to ask crucial questions which encourage meaningful activity which could lead to significant sales activity. Instead of simply using one call-to-action on a particular page, consider adding more, directing to different areas which are specific to the kind of engagement activity you seek. For example; if you have an email or landing page showing ‘contact us’ or ‘talk with a sales representative’- this can be helpful. Additionally, your landing page of your website can have ‘Request a demo’ or resources links like company case studies, white papers or brochures, etc.

  1. Invest in Marketing automation teamed with CRM

Rather than a click on a link, when a leads completes a form and submits it, that shows a higher level of interest. But the best way is to provide weight age to each activity and keep scoring lead engagement. And once a lead becomes ‘sales-ready’, timely and appropriate follow-ups should be carried out. Marketing technologies like Marketing Automation may give you that advantage to identify sales readiness and immediate action post that.