Ways to start conversation with your prospect this holiday season

Yes you heard me right, today I am here to discuss certain ways which can be fruitful to start a conversation with your prospect this holiday season. Most of the sales reps are struggling coming through this challenge of calling a prospect in the last few weeks of Q4 and hearing a specific objection: “Can you call me back in the new year?”

There are some reasons you can hear this lines from a prospect:-

  • Your prospect might be interested in learning about your offerings but might have used up his/hers budget for the year, or the team hasn’t yet finalized strategy for next year yet. One of the possibilities can be evaluation of some other vendor.
  • Secondly, it might be a case due to holiday season it can be little tricky for him/her to get approvals from the decision makers or must be simply trying to avoid you, hoping you may forget calling back again

It really doesn’t matter what the reason is don’t just agree upon calling back in January and hang-up. If you do that you will not end up not getting any value or learning new information. Generally when a prospect isn’t that keen to have a conversation without even knowing your products and offerings, all you need to do is hold on and let the prospect know how much you are worth his time and you will be able to share some valuable insights.

Here are some scenarios you can use: –

  • Say for instance you call up a prospect, and the prospects asks you to call back later as expected, you can very politely ask for few minutes of his valuable time to discuss about a merger of some Company X, which might be one of his competitors, as the merger of company X might affect his business, and how you can help him in capturing the market of company X, through some strategies. Listening to this he might be inclined towards having a conversation with you to discuss about your offerings
  • As it’s a holiday season most of the prospects are occupied with completing their existing tasks rather than starting a new one in December. When you happen to call such prospect all you need to do is try changing the prospects mind by pointing out about the deal time to have a conversation about future plans, as this could be the best time for planning without getting distracted with other work issues.
  • If at all the above scenarios does not work you can always try to get an exact date and time for a meeting next year, this will not allow a prospect to think that you will never call again

Enjoy have a Happy Holidays