Ways To Enhance your Call-to-Action

In our previous post you read about common mistakes that can occur during email marketing. In this post let’s have a look at few tips through which you can enhance your call-to-action, so that through your messaging you can engage more prospects.

Do you recollect when was the last time you responded or acted to a marketing communication? What made you do that? Was there some prizes or some interesting facts or important learnings. Was it because it was addressing a problem area and was offering a solution! Probably a combination of all plus a logical next step. In your messaging, having a good call-to-action is always effective rather than just having a link to a webpage.

In today’s marketing world, if you have a unique element it will make you stand out among other messages in the same medium. You can make use of interesting widgets rather than a standard lead capturing form.

Instead you can have a well-designed imagery or some interactive messaging. Additionally, you can also use different colors to make your communication different from others. Keeping in mind that your ultimate goal is to make it look different and appealing from your competitors.

Next, it’s a good practice to give takeaways. Say for example you want people to answer your survey, what motivation do people have to answer your survey? If you announce a prize for answering your survey, it will act as a motivation for people and you gain the information you want. Offering prizes of some kind can also build relationship with your customers. A free eBook, a free template, and even some kind of discounts are examples of takeaways which can also encourage action from your audience.

Everyone loves to feel special, you can make your customers feel good by personalizing your messaging that can match their requirements. In B2B perspective, you can also speak about some information that you may already know about your recipients. This gives a feeling to your audience that you have invested time and efforts in knowing about their business and pain areas. This also means you are serious about your value propositions. This would give comfort and confidence to explore solutions you mentioned in your email communication.

One point to note though is clarity of ‘call to action’. What do you want them to do? Download a document, set an appointment or book a demo. Precise and clear ‘Call-to-action phrases’ are likely to get more attention and click-through.