Way to go! New Demand Waterfall Model revealed at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2017

Current marketers’ will all be quite acquainted with the classic ‘Demand Waterfall’. Since the Demand Waterfall® was rearchitected five years ago, demand creation strategies and supporting technologies have continued to evolve rapidly. The classic Waterfall was famous for improving the health of your sales lead funnel and driving increased ROI from sales & marketing moneys. This week at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 in Las Vegas that iconic structure was renovated & restructured by the SiriusDecisions analyst keynote presenters Kerry Cunningham and Terry Flaherty to look at many of the essential moves concerning account tactics, personalization and greater precision in measuring pipeline impact. We were there and had our minds absolutely engrossed by such dazzling philosophies.

The complete progression of stages in the new Demand Unit Waterfall include:

  • Target Demand;
  • Active Demand;
  • Engaged Demand;
  • Prioritized Demand;
  • Qualified Demand;
  • Pipeline; and
  • Close.

Simple isn’t it! We thought so as well. In layman’s terms, this formula is essentially meant for sales & marketing to work together in cohesion long before the potential buyer comes up with the ‘demand’ to become a hot lead. This new approach by SiriusDecisions’ encapsulates what SMARTe has been achieving in the real-world! As our tagline proposes “Sales and Marketing Effectiveness” – SMARTe revolutionizes the concept of “demand generation” with its cutting-edge technology, combining contextual search algorithms with in-depth Sales and Marketing domain expertise. We want the whole world’s Sales & Marketing teams to work together to achieve their goals for betterment of the organization. This can only achieve if they both share a common goal towards getting good ROI from their respective campaigns.

Hmm! So now the question arises, where to start-up first? It’s very easy to think of the first place to start this is having Marketing pass on good quality leads onto Sales so that their Sales life cycle is shortened and becomes a win-win situation for all parties. For Marketers to provide good quality leads they would need good quality data for driving their day-to-day campaigns and obtaining a set of leads in the pipeline.

Ohh – its data then so can SMARTe help? Yes, we can! SMARTe works as a true agile data partner to provide key success metrics – ‘high quality global data’. Fueled by data science, we are poised to usher in B2B – on demand economy’s revolutionary ‘data-as-a-service’ (DaaS). SMARTe uses proprietary focused crawling and natural language processing technologies coupled with decades of domain expertise of data normalization to deliver highly relevant and most accurate prospect database.

Through our enterprise DaaS offerings – Bespoke Contacts and Relevant Contacts, we cover diverse aspects of data for Sales & Marketing Intelligence; right from global contact data discovery, mass data append/refresh, Double Opt-in data, Data Audit/Health Check, as well as tracking competitors, technology mapping, prospect ranking, helping identify look-alike customers, low hanging fruit prospects, etc.

Simply hop on a call with our experienced data experts (we call them Sales reps as well), who will help you to understand your existing in-house data sanity and recommend appropriate steps for you to realize your data potential.