Wait time for your event leads refreshments is too much?

“Event leads are like Milk – They have a short shelf life, so don’t waste valuable time”

Are you waiting too long for getting your Pre and Post event data refreshed? All you need is a contact database provider who can refresh/enrich your list real-time. Surprised! Yes you can have all your Pre and Post event attendee list refreshed real-time with ‘Relevant Contacts’. With RC you can enrich more then 80+ fields, Refresh Outdated/Incorrect data and Normalize, dedupe and standardize your contact data.

Through Relevant Contacts you get:

  • Updated list with correct names and email id’s
  • Normalized company names
  • Validated telephone numbers, with bifurcation of mobile and office numbers
  • You can have the collated data in your preferred format, as per your CRM suites
  • Ongoing refresh of data to keep it clean in real time

What this means for you:

  • In the process of enriching your data we provide you with highly accurate data, through this you can nurture Pre or Post Attendee list, do proper follow up on your data and lastly convert those leads into your customers.
  • Through this you can expand your customer knowledge, allowing you to identify new market opportunities and define your marketing approach more effectively.

Now try our recommended game changing and revolutionary Enterprise DaaS suite in action. ‘Relevant Contacts’ – designed for needs for reaching out to your event attendees. We encourage you to explore this real time ROI enabler suite for free.