Use Case on Global Contact Discovery for Data Centers

Data Centers are specialized environments specifically organized for safeguarding a company’s most valuable equipment and intellectual property. It is very essential in undertaking storage and management of huge data and information. Nowadays, Data Centers continue to be the main service hub to drive innovation with a new paradigm for business agility and response.

Challenges Faced

One of our client a leading networking company in Europe was looking out of information on upcoming data centers in Europe. Although, data centers are blooming, information related to them is not easily accessible.

There are hundreds of thousands of data centers and hundred more being added up in a quarter on the global basis which are extremely hard to track and follow up on. Not only this, many facets of a data center need constant requirement of external resources such as hardware & software management, fire safety providers, electrical & power controllers, energy efficient switches, UPS & Generators, etc. to drive its day-to-day executions.

With a combination of technology and human intervention solution SMARTe was successful in helping its client with the information on upcoming data centers and the information about the decision makers, this helped the client in reaching out to right people on right time resulting in maximum ROI.

Where we can help

  • We at SMARTe help you in discovering the recently launched data centers through our web-based technology.
  • Through SMARTe’s customized contact data, you can keep a track or follow-up on data center requirements.
  • For day-to-day execution, fire safety providers, networking, generators &UPS, physical security, etc. have a constant requirement to know about upcoming data centers. We can help our clients in sourcing contact database for all the above industries.
  • Our Solutions are ‘Industry agnostic’; having already serving customers from 70+ industries. But from our years of experience in Databases Marketing and extracting Actionable Intelligence; SMARTe has built-up domain expertise in a number of dynamic industries databases.

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