Unstructured Data from Multiple Sources Simplified

Today‘s marketer is always fighting against proper and relevant campaign accuracy hit rate on their in-house accommodated data. The major shortcoming is the multiple data sources such as CRM, MAP, events/tradeshows, social, email marketing software, etc. which is making it quite difficult for the marketers to target and send strategic campaigns to their targeted recipients. On top of this, there are umpteen formats in which the data is being presented before you; making it all the more possible for deduplication, non-validated, and unstructured data residing in your marketing tools like CRM/MAP.

However best you try to standardize simple things like company history, Headquarters location or annual revenue but ultimately it’s of no use as the next batch of data you will be importing will have the same issues mentioned above. Along with the structured formats from multiple sources, updated and accurate data is difficult to find. Aren’t you just waiting to see a tool which can help you structure your data from multiple sources and keep it up-to-date and ready to use for our marketing efforts?

Step in – Relevant Contacts! Relevant Contacts tides over the numerous data challenges faced by today’s marketer to come up with updated and highly accurate contacts which can be targeted on the fly!

Wondering what’s in it for you; here are some of our USPs that should help you make a decision:

  • Ability to search as per your desired keyword combination from our rich set of industries/level/function
  • No waiting period; ready-to-download the file right away once you define your criteria
  • Relevancy scoring; Hyper Persona segmentation for better Account planning
  • Decades of Domain Expertise helping to deliver high data accuracy like no one does in our space
  • Ontologies/ Dictionaries/ Taxonomy/ Data Rules enabling pertinent and structured data
  • Enterprise DaaS Platform – User Management, Analytics, Procure to pay life cycle, etc. under a single login
  • Plan out numerous Data Strategies like Old employee, Happy Customer and look-alike customer, and many more
  • Premium Professional Service Offering which improves company/ contact match and discovery; custom product listing

So simple focus on the upcoming campaigns strategies for your next quarter and let Relevant Contacts take care of your niche and highly customized data requirements!