Unravel the myth behind real-time Target Audience Profiling!

Target Audience Profiling is the best way to prepare for interacting and engaging with your ideal prospects, understanding about the person as well as the organization he/she is working. To find your target audience the first thing you need to have is a clear picture of what your ideal prospect looks like. We call it Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP).

IPP is derived through a combination of Company level and executive profile creation. Company level profiling include all required ‘firmographic’ detail like industry, service lines, corporate details, Financials, organizational updates etc. This helps in generating effective communication with clients.

Executive profiling is like capturing the professional journey of your prospects. Apart from the usual contact details, we capture and tag Job responsibilities, decision making, and team hierarchy, etc. in real-time. It also includes past professional assignments, industry participation (events, keynotes, etc.), social media profiling, etc. So in a nut-shell you have all the information you need to plan your pitch is available in real-time!

How can Target Audience Profiling be helpful?

  • To send targeted campaigns
  • Reach out to the right people who are likely to be interested in your products or services
  • Reduction in confusion among functional areas through a common business foundation for decision-making
  • Saves time and money by minimizing missteps and rework stemming from inconsistent knowledge about prospects
  • Improves overall marketing focus and communication effectiveness
  • Helps you to make better, more consistent decision about how to best market and sell, including products and services to offer and how to most effectively communicate their features

Thus, we come to understand the important benefits for handling target audience profiling. Wouldn’t you want to get this information on a real-time basis? The answer is probably yes!

SMARTe’s unique DaaS platform – Relevant Contacts can append/enrich and normalize your database to get actionable, accurate & real-time global data for driving your Sales and Marketing campaigns to the next level. Highly accurate and real-time enriched data goes a long way in attracting more qualified leads, increase engagement, and optimize conversions.

We at SMARTe, validate, append/enrich and normalize your event databases with accurate, updated and additional details of attendees and deliver as per your standard template. Relevant Contacts enables users to target their buyers beyond job titles. Using data rules, we have derived a level and function for every contact leveraging job titles and social profiles. Hence, the users are not restricted to a list of job titles rather you search based on job role and responsibilities.

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