Understand your market space through SMARTe’s Competitive Intelligence

“Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire; it wafts across the electrified borders”. Organizations of all sizes and target market face similar kinds of challenges regarding managing Business and Sales & Marketing Intelligence. Competitive Intelligence solution can feed you with Actionable Sales & Marketing Intelligence for competitive landscape of your company.

A leading mobile device management company was able to understand the existing status of the market and user-base of competing products, combining multiple channels including online survey methodologies through SMARTe’s Competitive Intelligence solution (CIA).

Services provided by SMARTe:-

  • Sourcing, Verification, Cleansing/Enhancement of Company and Contact Level data as per specific criteria provided
  • Confirmation of contact data (email, phone, address, etc.) leveraging in-house technology and Telephone Research
  • Sourcing of user-base of named competitors
  • Leveraging online survey methodologies to supplement other data collection methods

Briefed Objectives and Challenges:-

  • Gathering intelligence on usage of Mobile Device Management
  • Compilation of a highly targeted database of decision maker of mobile devices in business enterprises
  • Discovering existing users of competing MDM Solution (Company and contact level profiling as per set criteria)

Process Followed:-

Online survey tools are very cost-effective way for delivering survey and collecting and analyzing results through one central system. Initially started sourcing the business contacts as per customers’ given criteria. While our Web Research and Phone Research teams’ were able to build the database using our in-house technology and processes, the difficulty level of contact sourcing was high. Mobile Device Management (MDM) being an evolving technology, information available on public domain was on the lower side. So to complement our other process survey method was decided. Additionally, we were able to extract market intelligence on potential buyers, who were non users of MDM solutions, but were exploring or planned to explore such a solution.

Our Competitive Intelligence solution (CIA) provides a way to first uncover the business secrets in your target market and plan your ‘way-in’ accordingly; based on solid facts and rationale, instead of just running marketing campaigns just for the sake of it! Your Sales and Business Development guys would bless you for making their lives easier and providing them with ‘Actionable Intelligence’ and a ready ‘Sales Pitch’.

Conclude :

“The Army has a phrase, Every soldier a sensor,” says Nolan

“If your people are astute enough, everybody in the company can become an intelligence resource.” Encourage staff members to gather competitive information as they interact with people outside the company.

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