Tips to Improve Your Email Click Through Rate

The best way to connect to your clients directly is email marketing, emails are more personal, unlike to other more impersonal online marketing tools, your emails lets you speak directly to your prospects and clients in the web space they visit most often, their email inbox.

But it’s also true that you are not the only one whose emails are falling into your clients or prospects email inbox. You will need to put in some extra efforts to make sure that your message gets noticed.

Tips to improve your email click through rate

But nothing to worry, below are some handful of tips for how your email can stand out in a cluttered email inbox:

Attractive subject line:

  • Title is the most important aspect of your email, title is a way to give your reader an insight of email; this may act as a deciding factor as to whether or not they’ll go through with opening email.
  • So it’s very essential to keep your titles short, subjective. Your subject line should be somewhere around 50-75 characters, such emails with shorter subject lines are more likely to get cut-off in inbox.
  • It all OK, if your title doesn’t have everything that you would like, once your viewers has committed to click, you can rework your title in the email body, here in the email body you have more room to play around.
  • Personalize your subject line in such a way that the reader should feel it is tailor-made especially for him/her.
  • Portrait your title to highlight what your readers will gain from opening your email. You may obviously focus on promotion of your company but the most successful email titles are those which highlights audience benefits.
  • You can try testing your subject line, this is an important trait in your email marketing efforts. Try with creating two different subject lines at the same time divide your list in two parts. This allows you to track the number of people who have opened your emails, pin your results against each other and see which titles comes out on top!

 Keep your content short:

  • The main aspect of your email is of captivating your audience to getting to know your business better, and take the next step of becoming your loyal customer.
  • Do you think your readers actually have time to read your long stories in their inbox?
  • Your email must act as a preview for what your customers can expect to see on your website, so that they will be tempted to click onto your site to learn more.
  • Try making use of numbered lists or bullets for easy readability.

Use your email as your Teaser:

  • Teaser is like tempting your readers to think about what’s next. If your email is drafted like a teaser, your reader will be forced to visit your website to know more about your offerings.
  • In order to take your readers to next level, you will need to make your plea by way to clearly marked links and CTA buttons.
  • Improve your CTA by making sure that your links can be easily distinguished from other text by bolding, underlining or changing colors.
  • Your email will be incredibly important for you, but not everyone will have the time to read it all the way through; so make sure to place a link in the upper part of your email so that it doesn’t get ignored.
  • Placing links and CTA buttons more than once in your email is totally cool, but there is always a fine line between persistence and pathetic.
  •  A persuasive call-to-action helps in improving your click through rate.

 Timing is everything:

  •  The time of day that you send your email can play a big role in its success rate.
  • The ideal time to send emails differs from business to business, like title testing you can also try timing testing and measure the results.